Saturday, February 02, 2008

Stash Report Week 5

I've been ripping through backings and borders this weekend. I piled out of bed at 4:30 a.m. on Saturday and got to work!

I finished the borders on the quilt that is Judy's design in the last blog. Pieced the backing for it - 5 yards busted!

Finally put the last border on Bundling Board, pieced the backing and binding - 5.5 yards busted!

Pieced the backing and binding for the gingerbreadmen quilt from a couple of months ago -- 1.75 yards busted!

And the retreat quilt from November? Made the binding for that -- .5 yard busted!

Incoming fabric -- zero!!!


Busted: 49.0 yards

Income: 11.25

Net YTD total: 37.75 yards BUSTED!!!


Darlene & Thimbles said...

Whoa, Vicky you've been a major roll. Are you smiling?

Doodlebug Gail said...

What a busy bee you are! What a great stashbusting job you're doing - my totals look quite pitiful.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you go girl! Way to go! I only wish I had that much motivation.
Nancy in WI

Kim said...

Good job on the stashbusting- I'd love to see a pic of the gingerbread quilt- I have a couple of them in my mind I'd love to do - even if it's a wallhanging for Christmas. It's my theme- that and baking for the kitchen each Christmas.

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Don't you feel GREAT getting all these beautiful tops done?! You are doing terrific!!!



Kathie said...

congrats! that is amazing, you must feel so good finishing projects and using up fabric!

Morah said...

Nearly 38 yds in one month! FANTASTIC!

Vicki W said...

That's awesome! Congratulations!

Pat said...

Wow! You are busting stash by Leaps and totals for January are a little sad in comparison.....but I suppose February is a fresh month! Hope I'm as motivated as you are! Way to go!

jlk said...

Very impressive. Your work is lovely. I like the leaf quilt. That looked fun to piece.

Nan said...

WOWEE!! You go, girl! Aren't you pleased with yourself?