Saturday, July 23, 2016

July Sewing

Not a lot of sewing this month, but I am easing back into it after a year and a half with nothing going on but bindings and applique.

Lucy ...

I am further along than this picture and I plan to get her finished up this weekend.  Lucy is a Miss Rosie pattern that she released just before going to work for Moda.  The fact that she also made up a kit was icing on the cake.  Carrie Nelson and Lissa Alexander are about the two most talented folks I know for pulling fabrics from different lines and making gorgeous quilts. Whenever I can I shamelessly snag their kits as I know I could never come close to the awesomeness of theirs!  Yes, I'm a follower ...

The top was just tossed down on the floor by my sewing machine and isn't laying flat.  I can see a wave in the outer border in the picture but I don't think it really is very wavy.  Just to make double sure, though, I'm going to stay stitch around the edge before it goes out to a quilter.  Better to be safe than sorry.

I have purchased very little fabric since I moved to the other LA.  I went through withdrawals, but that was probably a good thing because it was hard to get out to the mailbox in a wheelchair that first year here!  :)  This year I signed up for the Frivols monthly shipments from the Fat Quarter Shop, as well as their Sew Sampler monthly boxes.  I look forward to both of those shipments.  I also belong to the Miss Rosie and the It's Sew Emma pattern clubs through the Fat Quarter Shop, and it's so much fun to get those when they ship.  Lots of inspiration in those patterns.

This week I order a box of goodies from Brenda Riddle. She was offering scrap bags from her recent collections, and the proceeds of those go to her Quilted Comfort project.  I'm here to tell you that there are oodles of wonderful pieces from her Fleurs, Bespoke Blooms, Ambleside and Windermere collections.  I have come up with a plan for those, but first I just wanted to play in them for a few days!  I also ordered an FQ bundle of Fleurs and a gingham bundle.  I'll get two or three tops out of all that beautiful fabric!

The Sew Sampler box arrived, too, and it's a good one!  The It's Sew Emma patterns also came in.  Three packages this week!  I am in heaven!

I have an appointment in a little bit for a pedicure, and then I'm going to spend the rest of the weekend in the Cottage finishing up Lucy and will probably cut out a tablerunner.  I've been working on just UFOs for a while, and the need for a new project is beckoning!

Monday, July 04, 2016

God Bless Ameria

“We identify the flag with almost everything we hold dear on earth, peace, security, liberty, our family, our friends, our home. . .But when we look at our flag and behold it emblazoned with all our rights we must remember that it is equally a symbol of our duties. Every glory that we associate with it is the result of duty done.”
~Calvin Coolidge

Sunday, July 03, 2016

No More Basket Progress Pictures

I promise I won't show any more progress pictures.  You know why?  Because they're done!  Yep, all 291 of them!

The next time they're posted will be on the design wall!

I have to figure out how I'm going to lay them out, but I need to get a couple of other projects finished up before I do that.  For now I'm just going to bask in this feeling of accomplishment!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Busy Weekend

When the Cold Wind Blows, 291 appliqued baskets, 280 done ...... 11 to go.

The end is VERY near!  I'll try to get them done by next weekend, but we'll see what roadblocks pop up this week.  Those 11 are at the bottom of the picture, prepped and ready to go!

Yesterday this old house was power washed.  I didn't realize how dingy it was looking until it was clean.  Some of the outside trim will have to be painted but, all in all, it isn't too bad.  It was quite a production, though, involving scaffolding and 23 gallons of bleach.  They are coming back next weekend to clean the Cottage and two storage buildings on the property.  Next up, inside painting.  I still have to figure out the game plan on that.  I'm sure it will be ceilings first, then kitchen cabinets (including new hinges), and then the rest of the house.  I'm facing decisions on paint color and that has me stressed.  You'd think color choices would be easy for a quilter!

Monday, May 30, 2016

Slowly working on finishing up the basket blocks.  I have finished 269 out of 291.  If I'd concentrate and push a bit, they'd be finished in short order.  I seem to be piddling now that the end is in site.   Just 22 more to go!

It's been a busy weekend with the help I had in the yard Friday and Saturday.   I figure by the time we get through trimming everything, it'll be time to start over.

Happy Memorial Day!

Saturday, May 07, 2016


This week I picked up this project again to work on.  The baskets are from When the Cold Wind Blows by Blackbird Designs.  I now have 260 baskets done - only 31 more to go.  I think I'll leave this one out to work on instead of hiding it in the closet.

I've decided not to do the appliqued on-point setting squares.  Enough is enough.  I'll just do a straight setting so I can get this one done in this lifetime.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Losing Track of Time

I always have the best intentions and then things go wonky.  Before I know it weeks or months have gone by and my best intentions have fallen by the wayside.  There always seems to be something going on that swallows up my quilting time.

My flower beds have been ignored during the peak weed-growing season.  I walked around the yard yesterday and was amazed at how much is blooming and how the weeds have flourished.  Purple irises are blooming - a surprise planting that I inherited with the house.  I was tempted several times to pull up those things because I didn't know what they were. Glad I didn't do that!

I saw this "weed" in a crack in the sidewalk by the pool.  On closer inspection I saw that it's a teeny tiny poinsettia that volunteered there.  I immediately thought of the book A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.  Well, the tree part, not the rest of the depressing book.  Anyway, this morning I gently tugged on it and it came out roots intact.  I planted it in a clay pot.  We'll see how it fares.  I may have doomed it but it was going to get a dose of Round-Up if I left it there.

My first project went up on the new design wall.  I shuffled things around a bit and got it all assembled.  Just need to get a backing pieced and it's another one in line to get quilted.

I went through the yardage stash and found a good backing for this one.  It's the one on the left, Chasing Butterflies by RJR Fabrics.  I also found a backing for the Moda Modern Building Blocks, the one on the right, an old Jane Sassaman line called Butterfly Gardens.  I guess it was a butterfly kind of day when I went searching!  I've been wanting to use that Sassaman fabric for a long time.  While it's not a perfect match color-wise to the Modern Building Blocks, I think it will do fine.  Besides, isn't it "free" fabric when you find it in your stash?  ;)

I'm pondering what's up next on the design wall.  I have several quilts that just need an assembling of the blocks.  I'm wanting to start a Village (Carrie Nelson pattern) but I think I'll hold off just a bit until I get at least two more ready for quilting.  That's the plan, anyway, at this point.

Off to hop in the shower and get back to the Cottage.  On the way back there, I'm sure I'll get sidetracked by some weeds that are calling out to me, "Pull me up"!