Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year

Penny and I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year.  We have decided that 2017 is going to be way different for us.  We're both going to stay healthy for the whole year!

To once again quote my late mother ....

"Whatever you do on New Year's Day, you do for the rest of the year."

Tomorrow I plan on quilting, giving Penny lots of hugs, and laughing a lot.  Oh, and having black-eyed peas (for health) and cabbage (for wealth).  Just want to make sure I cover all the bases!

I hope everyone has a safe and fun New Year's Eve, and that 2017 is a fabulous one for you!


Darlene said...

Happy New Year, Vicky and Penny!

I wish you two the best of everything in 2017. I especially wish you many, many hours of stitching and quilting. :-)

I'm ready for 2016 to fade away and 2017 to arrive full of everything good!

Big Hugs! ILY

P.S. I found a wonderful sew along project for us teehee

Miss Jean said...

Here's to a better New Year for us all!

Cinda said...

Happy new year to you and Penny too. I was hoping we'd see a blog from you and hoping that there are many more in 2017. Take care.

mascanlon said...

To health, wealth and happiness! And lots and lots of sewing and laughs!

Carolyn said...

Happy New Year to you...I hope it is happy and very healthy!

Lori said...

We ate pork, kale, and black eyed peas on New Year's. I think of you every time I cook it. Happy belated New Year!