Sunday, October 12, 2008

Stash Report Week 41

Before the stash report begins, let me take a moment to congratulate Nan on her new online shop, Nannie's Quilt Patch! Nan's a blogger, the mother of adorable doxies, and a really neat lady! Congratulations on your new adventure, Nan!

I can't believe it's already Week 41. Where did this year go? Except for that wonderful week in Louisiana, the rest of it has been the same old stuff. I really need to get out more!

The verdict's in. I am NOT a stashbuster! Try as I might, it's been a losing battle all year. I was a lot more focused this year, but my totals are appalling. I shudder to think what my totals were in prior years when I wasn't paying attention. Well, I guess I really don't have to think about that. All I have to do is walk into my stash room.

I think one of the factors affecting my totals this year is that, frankly, I haven't been sewing as much. I've done a lot of needleturn applique and that's a lot slower. I have always churned out two quilts or more a month, and that hasn't happened in '08. I believe if I finish up some things that are hanging around, I'll feel better about my "hobby"!

The backing set came in for Simply Sophisticated BOM, and that was 5.5 yards. Another box with 17 yards came in containing backings and things to finish up projects. So 22.5 yards purchased.

Nothing busted this week, but I did start a fantastic project. I hope to finish that up possibly next week. Can't wait to post a picture. And the best part? It's ALL from my stash! I was putzing around in my stash room looking for fabric for the project when inspiration struck. I untied a fat quarter tower and cut it up!!! Then I pulled out a bolt of background and whacked what I needed off of that!!! I have a dynamite stash and I need to start using it!

Year-to-Date Totals:

Busted: 406.00 yards
Purchased: 665.00 yards
Net YTD: <259.00> yards busted


Judith said...

Well I am sure I haven't busted that many yards in a year ever, so that is a nice total too. Well the purchased number is just to remind you that well you have enough stash. But there are just always lines of fabric that you must purchase, because well you never know if you will be able to find that same fabric again ;-)

Infinity Quilter said...

If it makes you feel any better, I'm a terrible stashbuster too....but I figure it takes practice to be a good stashbuster. LOL Remember this is FUN, once you feel that you HAVE to get X amount done it could become more like hang in there, the finishes will come.

Lori in South Dakota said...

Getting more focused is a major accomplishment! And isn't it great to find just what you need in your stash??

KathySWFL said...

Vicky you are doing great....I just wished I lived closer so I could shop in your stash! LOL

JudyL said...

But . . think how entertaining your stash reports have been for the rest of us. Surely you'll agree to keep doing them . . for us??

Nan said...

Please don't stop doing the stashbusting reports! I enjoy them so much - it makes me feel really good to know there's someone else out there just like ME! LOL! I haven't busted much stash this year either - there are too many wonderful fabrics out there, and I just can't say "NO"!
Thank you, thank you so much for blogging about my business, Vicky! I thank you, too, for such kind words about me! You're a really neat lady, too!