Friday, December 12, 2008

Nothing to Talk About

Honestly, I have nothing to blog about these days. Work, home, work, home, cough cough, work, home.

This weekend I plan on sewing. The project that's out on my sewing table is still the Merry & Bright fabric, and a little progress has been made but not much.

The annual fire inspection of the condos was this week. Last year they busted me on the extension cords behind my sewing table, so I just unplugged them this year. Remind me I did that when I panic because the Bernina won't turn on. I was puzzled why they would choose to do this right before the holidays, but I guess it's all about the Christmas trees and lights. Since I still have pumpkins on the mantle, I aced that test! LOL

It snowed yesterday in Louisiana. Rick was kind enough to email me a picture early in the day. All day I was wanting to be back home to feel the coolness and throw a snowball. Instead I was in sunny SoCal, 77 degrees, and wearing a cotton sweater in a very hot office. Next year if I get a vacation, I want it to be in the winter in a place where there is a foot of snow on the ground! Remind me I said that, too!

I haven't liked this week at all. At least it's almost over!


Holly said...

Aww Vicky honey, here's to a better week next week.

Beth said...

I think a few of us, including yours truly, are sort of getting bored with the whole blogging thing. I hope to get some quilting done this weekend. I got the next round in SS yesterday, that's first on the list. Looks like more danged 9 patches though, I hate doing 9 patches.

Vicki W said...

We must be living parallel lives - this week has been forgettable for me too!

Infinity Quilter said...

Hang in there girl! If you feel like taking a vacation in March I'm sure we'll still have plenty of snow for you to play in. We have so much snow right now we don't know where we'll go with it if we get more.

Anonymous said...

Oh Vicky--Could not let this Christmas go by without wishing you and Daisy "Merry Christmas" BTW--we have snow here--come on over. Bobbie

Julia said...

We all have those kind of days and weeks. Come home from work, snuggle with Daisy and rest. I hope that you get to feeling better real soon.

We are forecast to get some snow this weekend and I am very excited! I really like snow, especially for Christmas.

qltnbe said...

I'm thinking you just need a hug.


Jean said...

I think at this time of year we are all so busy running around finishing things and shopping and cleaning and baking (while working every day, of course) that we are just plain worn out.

Sherry said...

Sorry your week has been sort of cruddy. Wishing you lots of good sewing/quilting time this week-end. Love that Merry & Bright fabric. I hung my Merry & Bright wallhanging last week...just love those colors. Have a great weekend!

pdudgeon said...

yep, i hear you loud and clear!
the first week in Dec always seems to be the decorating and card sending week. then the next week is a bit of shopping, maybe.
the third week is the 'frantic mailing' week, and then we get 4 days of baking this year, followed by 4 days of eating, LOL.

now if anyone can fit in some quilting in such a schedule they're doing better than most of us.
*grins* and (((huggs)))for you.