Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Three More Days

Three more days of work, and then I head home to visit my brother. I'm not even excited yet ... that will happen when I make it to the airport.

Penny had a play date with Skippy on Sunday afternoon. I forgot my camera, darn it. They were so cute together. Penny climbed the hill with Jane's DH urging her up the first time. She was slipping and sliding but she made it. Jane and I were laughing so hard. Her back end spun out a few times, fishtailed. It was hilarious.

I need to get a post up about the Simply Sophisticated BOM -- the last one! I'll do that tomorrow. And, no, I haven't done mine yet. I know it won't get done until I get home.


EDIT: I just realized I had typed Daisy in one spot instead of Penny. I started tearing up when I saw that tonight. I miss her so much.


merumo said...

Counting down for your vacation? Good for you! I don't think I will get finished my Simply Sophisticated BOM for this month any time soon, as there seems to be a lot of works still needed for the final assembling. lol Hi Ms. Penny :)

Anonymous said...

I'm ridiculously far behind on that quilt, but I may just have to get in there and do the final block to get into this month's drawing. Glad you get to go on vacation!

Anonymous said...

I'm just catching up on your blog after several months. (I stopped subscribing to Blogger and started direct RSS feeds to my favorites column. For some reason, your updates do not show up.) Anyway, looking back over the photos, it's interesting to see how much Penny has grown. I also noticed you often appolize for putting photos of her on your blog. No need for this. By the looks of the number of comments you receive, your readers love her as much as you do. I'm in the "love the Penny photos" category also. Have a great vacation!

Infinity Quilter said...

Have a FABULOUS time! Are you going to check out any quilt shops? Be safe!

suz said...

Just got caught up with your blog - someone actually made a negative comment about how YOU spend YOUR hard-earned money! unbelievable! apparently they have nothing else to do with their time - and why are they reading quilting blogs? None of us really NEED most of what we get ... it's an addiction ... hello, my name is Suz and I'm a fabriholic. Go fly a kite - perfect response.
Penny is so cute, thanks for including photos of her.

julia said...

Oh, Vicky! I so feel for you...!
Believe me, it won't be the last time that will happen to you...but after a while it gets a bit easier...and somtime in the future you'll be able to smile (with half a tear).
Hugs to you,

P.S.: Penny is adorable...such a cutie. I always show your Penny-post pictures to my boyfriend...;)

Perry said...

Hi Vicki, haven't checked on you in a while, but I have been thinking about you. A vacation will be good for you, and I agree with your go fly a kite remark, I am afraid I would be much less kind, lol. People...they sure can P%%% a person off, can't they. Are you taking Penny with you? Either way, have a wonderful time!