Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Me. I'm busted. You all busted me!

I used a gift certificate all right. Okay, so you threw in that caveat that I had to count it as stash if it was a gift cert *I* had purchased.

Sheesh ... give a gal a break, will ya!

As to what I purchased, I'll just say this -- if there's a shortage of Clermont Farms by Minick & Simpson, you'll know why.

It might not arrive this week, so I may have dispensation for another seven days. However, Kimberly emailed me yesterday. She decided just to order me a bolt of one of the fabrics. ROFLOL. Enabler!!!!!!!

But are you sure, really sure, that it really really matters where the gift cert came from? I mean, really?

(sigh) Sticklers!!


jillquilts said...

You poor thing!!! I counted that yards and yards of fabric that I bought using my GC that I paid for myself.... lol

As long as it makes YOU happy, to hell with what the rest of us think! ;)

Kathie said...

I think it is wonderful that your funding your retirement stash now
go for it and well Kimberly ordering you a bolt
that does not go in the stash count you didn't order it she did!

Carol said...

I go with gift certificate is a gift certificate...doesn't matter where it comes's a gift...doesn't count...but then mom has always said that I can justify absolutely ANYTHING!!!!!! LOL!

Sharon said...

I am anxiously waiting for my tower of fq's from Clermont Farms. I got a GC in June and I've had this on order since. Once it comes then I'll be doing the yardage shopping.....oh much for my fabric diet too! This collection looks amazing though.

suz said...

I have to agree with Carol - a gift certificate is a "gift" - can't count that - and if Kimberly orders you a bolt - again, can't count it. You're doing fine!

Judy Laquidara said...

That line almost caused me to fall of the wagon!

Simone de Klerk said...

A perfect spent!