Sunday, November 11, 2012

Veteran's Day

After watching the wonderful video that Brenda Riddle posted on her blog, I've been very reflective today.  As average citizens, there is no way we can ever thank those who have served and are serving except to tell them every chance we get how grateful we are for their service, and to also thank their families.

Been making great progress in my sewing room.  No, not sewing, but getting things moved and tubbed.   I want to spend the whole Thanksgiving holiday sewing, or cutting or binding, but definitely quilting in some form or fashion.

I tubbed up a bunch of things that are of interest to me right now.  On top is the utility quilt made by my sister-in-law's grandmother.  I will get that pinned this week as I want to get it grid quilted during the holidays. 

unearthed a top that I need to make a decision on.  The top was finished in February of 2009.  I stopped at that point because I couldn't decide whether I needed to add an extra border so that it drops correctly on my tall mattress.  I'm going to make that decision this month so it can head off to the quilter.  This will look great in my "dream" home!  :) :)  Just need to retire so I can do that deal!

The Prairie Paisley top also needs to go to the quilter.   I mispieced the backing for it and it's not quite big enough.  I need to drag it out and figure out an easy fix for that.  I already have a bedroom envisioned with this quilt!  :)  :)

I remember Penny being such a BIG HELP while I was assembling the top!  Wow, it's hard to remember her that tiny!   The little snot!

New Year's Resolution --  yep, I've already decided that one!  It won't be too difficult, I don't think, to accomplish. 

I'm going to completely finish a top, including backing and making the binding, before I move onto something else.  No more half-made projects sitting around here.  Of course, my to-be-quilted pile will grow exponentially but that's okay.  I'll just pile those up in the glow from the light at the end of the tunnel!  Now, I'm sure my readers are going to have to remind me of this from time to time!  You have my permission to do so.  In fact, type your admonitions in ALL CAPS to grab my attention!

It's cold here, 37 degrees to be exact.  So much for the Southern California sunshine factor!


Sue said...

Just love your 2 quilt tops especially Prairie Paisley ! Just gorgeous ! Cold here in Northern California too ! 38 . We had so much hail yesterday it looks like snow !

Carolyn said...

I've been having this same conversation with myself...I need to finish a few things that I've started before I start anything else. Both of your tops are beautiful. Can't wait to see what you accomplish!

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Same temp here in WA. Brrr! I love your tops and just know they will be gorgeous on any bed. :-) Have a happy day!

Cathy said...

Great quilt tops. Yes, you need to get them finished so you can show them off in your home.

There must have been some strange switcheroo of the weather because it is 73 degrees today in New Jersey, which is unusually warm for Nov.

Kathie said...

wow that is cold! glad to see your planning a sewing marathon for the long weekend
I bet you will feel rejuvenated going back to work on monday.
Good for you finishing a project or two will be wonderful!

katie z. said...

Yay for sorting through projects! I hope all the lovely things you find are inspiring you!

SewCalGal said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day and a perfect way to spend it too.

I think after all of our "hot" Fall weather this sudden drop in temps is definitely feeling cold. Be careful and stay bundled up to not catch a chill and get sick.


mascanlon said...

Wow, both those tops are gorgeous and have so much work and piecing in them, I am impressed! I am hoping to spend the long week after Christmas doing a lot of finishing. We shutdown for that time and for once no big home project except for me!