Saturday, August 03, 2013


I've been feeling really puny this week.  My body is not cooperating with all the things I want to be doing these days.

Long Beach quilt show -- I was supposed to go today, but I'm just not up to being jostled by a lot of people intent on doing what quilters do best at quilt shows.  I hate that because this is the last year of this show.  Maybe tomorrow if I feel better, but I really don't think that's going to happen.

This show has a lot of special meaning for me.  I met Julie of Jaybird Quilts a few years ago.  I met Brenda Riddle there, Sandy Klop, and, of course, Primitive Gatherings.  I met up with a good friend, Lady B, and spent a good while chatting with her, and spent hours upon hours scouring the vendor booths with another friend.  Lots of memories.

So I was feeling really sorry for myself this morning, and thought I needed to dive into some organizational project to keep me busy.  First up, magazines.

The first one I picked up to toss was the December 2008 issue of "American Patchwork & Quilting."  As I released it over the garbage can, the cover caught my eye.  I dug it out immediately and sat down to peruse the magazine.

It's NOT going in the trash.  These three quilts are tugging my heartstrings.

First is "Capture the Canyon" by Julie Hendricksen.  She recreated an antique quilt for us.

Next is "Haute Chocolates" by Homestead Hearth.  Warm chocolates and blues, always a favorite of mine.

The cover that caught my eye is "Fly Away Home" by Joanna Figueroa of Fig Tree Quilts.  I'm sure this is the reason I bought the magazine in 2008.

You know the best part of this?  I've gotten the inspiration I usually get at quilt shows.  I'm not being jostled.  And I have everything to make these already in my stash.

I'd say it's a win/win situation!

Of course, now I probably need to sit down and look at ALL of the magazines before I toss them!



Darlene said...

I'm sorry you're feeling puny. Ick!

Avoiding the jostling crowd was a very good idea.

I don't toss my magazines for the same reason - I'm afraid I'll toss something I loved when I acquired the magazine. LOL

Monica said...

I recently went through all my magazines too. I scanned the patterns I wanted and then donated the magazines. It felt really good to unburden myself of them all.

Hope you get to feeling better soon.

WoolenSails said...

I hope you feel better soon, nothing worse than getting sick when you want to be doing something else;) I have a box of old issues, I love the older ones and always looking in them for something new/old to do.


Karen said...

I don't much attend quilt shows any longer because of back pain. So hard to think about missing out on seeing all the good quilts and perusing the booths. Looking online at show pictures and viewing the online shops plus the wonderful quilt blogs helps me keep in touch.

Carol said...

Oh Vicky...hope you feel better. What fantastic inspiration...those old magazines have some great stuff!

greg @ grey dogwood studio said...

Guess what? I was reading that same magazine at midnight! I recently bought it from Etsy specifically for the Fig Tree cover quilt, but I also love that antique checkerboard quilt (81 squares in each block?!) I'm trying to decide if I want to make the cover quilt in Xmas or Halloween fabrics.

little acorns said...

Oh Vicky. . . I'm so sorry to hear that you're not feeling well. As I was reading your post, my heart skipped a little beat, & I just had to tell you. . . I only exhibited at the Long Beach Show show once, & one of the highlights for me was this wonderfully sweet lady with the cutest accent who came up & gave me a wonderful hug! ;o). . . (That was you sweet lady!) So, please know what a blessing you are to so many.
I'll be keeping you in my prayers. xo, Bren

AnnieO said...

Feeling puny is no good way to spend your time! Glad some quilty magazine enjoyment lifted your spirits. I didn't go to the LB show today for nearly the same reason--just exhausted from a long and busy week and couldn't face the crowds. So I am taking my mom tomorrow and we are gonna enjoy the day as always. I'm sure sorry the show is moving!

Kathie said...

sorry to hear your not feeling well this week. I think it was a good idea to miss it yesterday, hope you rested and wake up today feeling better, maybe enough to go for a little bit? I hope you don't regret not going.
Glad you were entertained with the magazines. oh I like a few of those quilts too! yeah you have the fabrics to make the fig tree quilt already. new inspiration is always good.

Donna said...

Looking at all those magazines is dangeerous. Your "someday list" will grow like crazy.

Sherrill said...

I often dive into my magazines with the same intent-to weed and dispatch. That rarely happens because the same thing happens. I go thru and say 'oh, I LOVE this' or 'hmm, must make this' and ultimately nothing winds up being recycled. Just wish they were on would be SO much easier!! LOL

Diane said...

I have a weakness for all of my old magazines. Every time I think I can toss one I flip through it and. Find something else I love. The part that makes it impossible to toss them is, my taste have changed. Things I didn't blink at when the magazine was new (10+yrs ago) I absolutely love. I am usually the last one to arrive at the party. I never like the new fabric lines, new tools or techniques. :(
I haven't been able to go to the Quilt Festival in Houston for the past several years. I hope this year I might get to go, but we will see.
Keep looking up, be positive. The war is won by small victories. At least that is what I am told. I'll pray your back and neck heal completely and the pain is all gone.