Sunday, September 29, 2013

Apple Jelly Jam

I couldn't resist the Jelly Roll Jam pattern that Kimberly at the Fat Quarter shop introduced to us in the video on the FQS YouTube Channel

And I couldn't resist the sale at the FQS last week to pick up an Apple Jack jelly roll for this pattern.  This quilt just begs to be called Apple Jelly Jam!  Also got a small amount of yellow backing and red binding.  It sure was a happy box to open!

It'll make a nice travel quilt for a little boy who is now three months old, something to put over him in the car seat or the stroller.

The two Celebrations for Girls went to the quilter today, and I should have those back in the next couple of weeks.  I have such a hard time making a decision on the pantos and the thread.  I'm glad someone offered their suggestions, which I gladly took!  Because of the left-over boy Celebration in the charm packs, I ordered enough to make a boy's quilt from this pattern.  I'll just have it on stand-by in case it's needed.

I've had a lazy weekend with lots of rest for my aching back, but a broken heart over LSU's loss to Georgia.  (sigh)  Two doctor appointments next week but I don't expect anything new from those since my insurance company hasn't approved the new tests that were ordered.  Hmmm, maybe I can just cancel the appointments until later!  :)


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to see you stitching, Vicky! I'm going to head over to the FQshop to check out this pattern. Have a new granddaughter coming December 2nd, and need to get a quilt made for her. Eve in GA

Kathie said...

can't wait to see the two quilts bound! your making progress on the sewing front, Yeah. This quilt looks adorable, love those fabrics.
ok keep those dr appts maybe the dr can help get the insurance company to approve the tests....
Kathie ....good luck

mascanlon said...

Can't wait to see this one done too! Hope this week your back feels a little better...and a pox on the insurance company, they need to get their act together!