Monday, August 10, 2015


I love finding signs that make me chuckle.  One below did - the other not so much.

A while back, Thelma mentioned never finding her name printed on things.  At that time she was looking at the Coke cans that had names on them.  I remember thinking that it's the same way with me.  If I see my name on something it's usually misspelled.

Well, a couple of weeks ago I got caught at a red light (seriously, there are only four in my little town) and I looked up and saw this.

I laughed out loud and grabbed my phone to get a picture!

Thelma, just so you know, John Deere is an important business in this farming community, not only for the farmers but for all of us who have an acre or more to mow, which is probably most of the population.  I suspect at least once a year everyone turns on your street to get to the green and yellow place!  It's the most important street in the town, and befitting that it was named for you!

The other sign ...

I told the CT doctor that I couldn't go in there.  He laughed.  He said they need to change that "Do Not Enter" sign as everyone says the same thing!

On this day I would rather have been on Thelma Street!


mascanlon said...

Hugs!! Thinking of you.

Laura said...

We have a Thelma Street in my city, but no Vicky Street or Laura Street. What's up with that?

Thelma said...

I am shocked to not only learn that your town has a street named Thelma, but another town does too! There is not a Thelma street where I live or where I grew up. Surely these streets are named after someone! I wonder who? It's so rare to see Thelma anywhere other than the obituaries, thanks so much for thinking of me and sharing your picture! It made my day!

Miss Jean said...

There are Thelma streets in Texas and an entire town named THELMA!!!

Anonymous said...

I was in Memphis once driving around w/ hubby and we saw a street named "November 6th" which turned out to be the start of some church but was our wedding anniversary day. What a photo opportunity and kismet that we came upon it. Enjoy the Thelma sign