Sunday, June 12, 2016

Busy Weekend

When the Cold Wind Blows, 291 appliqued baskets, 280 done ...... 11 to go.

The end is VERY near!  I'll try to get them done by next weekend, but we'll see what roadblocks pop up this week.  Those 11 are at the bottom of the picture, prepped and ready to go!

Yesterday this old house was power washed.  I didn't realize how dingy it was looking until it was clean.  Some of the outside trim will have to be painted but, all in all, it isn't too bad.  It was quite a production, though, involving scaffolding and 23 gallons of bleach.  They are coming back next weekend to clean the Cottage and two storage buildings on the property.  Next up, inside painting.  I still have to figure out the game plan on that.  I'm sure it will be ceilings first, then kitchen cabinets (including new hinges), and then the rest of the house.  I'm facing decisions on paint color and that has me stressed.  You'd think color choices would be easy for a quilter!


Sharon said...

Love those baskets. As for paint, just paint a few patches of your favorite colors in various spots, live with them for a week or so and you will know what you want.

Karen said...

Oh so close on those baskets. I imagine that there were lots of quilters who made basket blocks like yours but few have made as many.

julieQ said...

Girlie!! You nearly have them done!! Good for you!!!!

Mimi said... have a full plate. I am thinking that picking out paint colors is a little harder because it is not so easy to change it out. Not quilt like just making another quilt or pulling another quilt out to change the look of a room. You'll do just fine once you finalize your decision though. Eleven more baskets to go.......woohoo!!!!

Laura said...

That's a whole lot of baskets! I don't have that kind of patience or persistence. Good job!

mascanlon said...

Impressed!! Now just sit down with a couple of movies and go for it! I didn't realize you actually power washed with bleach. I would think that would damage the landscaping. So go to somewhere like Pottery barn or even Sherwin Williams and they have lovely, lovely sets of colors that work together well and flow from one room, hallway to the next. Makes it easier.