Saturday, February 11, 2006


Whodathunkit? I can barely turn on a computer, and now a blog? ROFLOL! Wait 'til my brother hears about this!

I've been quilting for just over four years, and it has been the most satisfying time for me. The few creative brain cells remaining found a place to call home.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm really a quilter or just a fabric collector. Well, my friend, Judy, has pushed me to reduce the stash and make room for new stuff! Of course, Judy is always pushing me in one way or another! But thanks to her, about 15 or 20 yards of fabric came off my shelves recently - and there are a few new quilts to show for it.

And then there's my friend, Jane..... a whole nuther story! You see, Jane works in a quilt shop, and when she's not constantly introducing me to new stuff, she's messing with my head by giving me the most intriquing things. For example, one of my Christmas presents was a checkbook box filled with a couple of hundred 2" squares and a 1" Come Quilt With Me thimble template. You should have seen her laughing when I opened that box! But we'll see who gets the last laugh because I'm actually going to make it!!

My favorite quilts are traditional blocks in Civil War or folk art colors, and applique. Dark blue, burgundy, tan, gold. But Jane and Judy have sort of poked me with the "brights" needle, and I find a lot of lime green and hot pink sneaking into my quilts these days. I'm also a Robyn Pandolph fan, and went on a quest three years ago to "collect" a piece of every fabric she's designed from Day One. I think I have them all now, but I don't want to use them! (I did emphasize the word "collect" above!)

I have 75 or so Dutch Treat blocks made, about 40 Jane Stickle blocks, and a bunch of other applique projects started. My problem is finding the time to finish things - working full time sure does cut into my quilty time. I've made around 75 quilts to date, and there are about 10 or so more languishing in the UFO pile needing a last border and quilting.

I'm a Louisiana native, and was "transferred" to Southern California 12 years ago. I came kicking and screaming, but, amazingly, am pretty content here now. Probably my new-found singleness is the reason for that contentment. My little black & tan mini doxie, Daisy, is my constant companion, and doesn't seem to mind the threads that are always on her.

I hope to keep this strictly related to quilting, but I won't be surprised if this ole Southern gal drifts from the subject!


JudyL said...

Vicky, Great start! Keep it up!

Pretty content there?? You gotta be kidding. We're both going to get back to Louisiana sooner rather than later . . I hope!


Vicky said...

Later rather than sooner if I insist on "walking" again! LOL!

Tracey said...

I thought it was you! :o) Can't mistake Miss Daisy. And Jane can add nabbin' me with the little loggies don't forget.
Good to 'see' ya here, Vicky. You need to get some pics of those fabulous quilts of yours on here!

Vicky said...

Hey Tracey! Yeah, that Jane has gotten both of us in a mess o'trouble!! LOL

Thanks for the welcome! I'm looking forward to using up this stash with you!

Anonymous said...

wow Vicky - you've got the worst case of Quilt Pox I've seen in a while LOL. Glad your friends are helping you too - it's much more fun with friends :-)

Passionate Quilter said...

Vicky-welcome to the group! You sound like a fun addition and are just as "passionate" about quilting as me! I love your polka dot quilt--I JUST started one a couple of weeks ago. I cheated though and fused them and will blanket-stitch them.

Finn said...

Hi vicky, welcome to nice to have any of Judy's friends joining us..*VBS*

I love what i've read so far...I'm looking forward to seeing some of your quilts and UFO's