Saturday, August 26, 2006

Presents from Mar!

Mar is THE sweetest person I know. She's truly a gentle soul, a fabulous appliquer, an accomplished quilter, and I am blessed to have her as a friend. We "met" on Alex Anderson's old message board, and in person the first time I went to Alex's retreat in 2002.

She went way overboard on my birthday this year, but I'm glad she did! :) I love quilty coffee mugs, and this one is from In Between Stitches in Livermore, CA. I love that shop! We always make a trip or two over there while at retreat. A wonderful cookbook. I'm already eyeing a pork loin recipe in there, among others. Yummy! And Mar always finds the cutest Daisy pins! I love this one, and have worn it twice already!

Mar, thank you for making my birthday special this year. It would have been perfect, however, if we could have celebrated together! Next year?

I'm waiting for Jane to come over to start our cutting marathon. Dinner is all done, so there shouldn't be any interruptions. I woke up at midnight last night and pulled some things I want to cut today. Guess it's true that I quilt in my sleep!


Norma said...

Happy Belated Birthday! It looks like you ended up with some great loot!

A cutting marathon is an excellent idea. Cutting the fabric is the part of quilting that I like the least. If I were doing this horrible task with a friend, it wouldn't seem quite so bad!

quiltpixie said...

what a welcome find in the mail. :-)

Hedgehog said...

I had my own cutting marathon tonight. I agree with norma, a friend would make it more fun.

Darlene - Dazed Quilter said...

Great looking goodies.

Have fun with your cutting session with Jane. You'll be ready to sit and sew like the wind!

Sweet P said...

I could use a cutting session myself but that will be another day. Another wonderful birthday present. You are fortunate to have giving and caring friends.

cher said...

hurray for more prezzies...glad your birthday keeps on being celebrated Vicky

EileenKNY said...

What are you cutting? More strips for the scraps bins or a whole new quilt? Inquiring minds want to know!!
Isn't it nice when your birthday just goes on and on??
Have fun.