Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Daisy has settled down

I sat on the floor by her and gave her her favorite toy to play with.

Excuse the red eye. LOL. She's such a sweetie. That shaking really had her confused. All better now that Mommy's home!


lilsis said...

My Quilt!!!

Glad to hear things are calming down. Hope you had a good night sleep with no interruptions.


Yvonne said...

Poor little baby.....glad to hear that she's okay.

Dorothy said...

Hope you had an uneventful night, and Daisy is feeling better. Poor little girl, she must have been so frightened. By the way, my 2 year old granddog is called Daisy. She's a lovely, good natured chocolate Lab.

JudyL said...

Poor girl! I'm glad she was able to feel comfy again after you got home. Hope things are a bit calmer around there today.

Perry said...

Glad you two are ok. I can't imagine living in CA just because of the earthquakes. The hurricanes in Texas and the Tornadoes in OKC are enough for me, lol. Cheer up about your stash busting, you are keeping the economy afloat and helping me pay for Emma's tuition to college, lol.

rachelgriffith said...

awww poor thing.
glad she's calming down.
{nice quilt she's got there!}

Conquilts said...

Chewie says Daisy needs to make her Mommy move out here, no earthquakes........at least no big ones.

WOOF (hugs in Chewie speak)