Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Totally Useless Stash!

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I'm futzing with the fabrics for Judy's QuiltAlong. I have switched out a couple of fabrics, and I'm ready to commit to these except for one color.

I have NO yellow in my stash! I found two pieces, both just teeny cuts. How did that happen? I LOVE yellow. My stripes have yellow in them, so I need yellow.

There are a couple of yellow with tone-on-tone flowers in the Pandolph closet, but they're all wrong for this quilt. They're the yellows in Judy's Star BOM.

This is bad, folks!

Seriously, for all the fabric I own, my stash is sometimes totally useless!



I got out of the shower, and this yellow thing was really bugging me. I went back in the stash room, and guess what was sitting right there? A tub of yellow fabrics.

My apologizes to my stash.........


Anonymous said...

That is alot of yellow or gold. Will any of them work? This is such a beautiful quilt Can't wait to see what you eliminate.


Marilyn (IQuitToo)

Beth said...

I don't have much of that color either, that's what I went to Ginger's for the other day, just a bright cheery lemon yellow that I'm using for these windmills I'm doing. But I know what you mean, I have piles of fabric, but when I want something specific, I usually don't have it. That's why I stopped collecting fabric.

rachel griffith said...

never fails that we have to open mouth, insert foot huh???


pdudgeon said...

have you ever thought of making a catelogue of your stash? the bigger the stash the more you need one of these, so you don't forget what you have.

Infinity Quilter said...

Here I was ready to send you some of mine! I'm not a big yellow fan. Are you sure you don't want some? I don't have any stash busted yet this week. ;0)

Judy Laquidara said...

I'm so glad you found yellow without me having to fly out there and help you dig! I knew there was some somewhere!

Karen said...

How funny! It would have been a good reason to add to the stash, though. You gotta have yellow!

Crazy for Primitive Quilts and Gardens said...

Lol... I am just the same... except with me it is patterns! I know I have it in there somewhere... just can't locate it!