Sunday, May 31, 2009

Stash Report Week 22

I've done serious shopping this week, but very little fabric. I sure did load up on books and patterns, though!

In all fairness, there's a box here from Kimberly at The Fat Quarter Shop that I haven't opened yet. I'll report it next week. I don't even remember what's in there, but knowing me, it probably has something to do with Robyn Pandolph! LOL.

Yesterday, on the spur of the moment, Jane and I headed down to Temecula to two quilt stores. Well, it was supposed to be only one store, but you know how it is.

We walked in Quilter's Coop in Old Town Temecula and immediately ran into Cara and Nancy and Pat. Pat was my first quilt teacher. What a doll! And Cara and Nancy were the reasons for my big fall off the wagon a month or two back when we took a road trip! Jane spotted them and we yelled out, "You're SO busted!" They are the most fun ladies in the world!

We left there after a good two hours, and were on the freeway heading back to Jane's when I "suggested" we stop by Temecula Quilt Company. It is the most beautiful store and the nicest owner. She is entirely focused on civil war and wool and folk-artsy type quilts. The store is open and light, and it's a joy going in there. I'll write more about this store in another blog.

As soon as our friends left, Jane and I scoured Quilter's Coop, the whole store. Almost everything they had is exactly what Kimberly carries, so I focused on books and patterns. And when I say I focused, I mean I.really.focused!

These books are: The Circuit Rider's Quilt by Jenifer Dick, a Kansas City Star book; The Graceful Garden, a Jacobean Fantasy Quilt, by Denise Sheehan, Kansas City Star; Yesterday's Charm by Jo Morton; Voices of the Past, Volume II, by Kaye England; Vintage Journey by Jo Morton; With These Hands by Maggie Bonanomi, Kansas City Star. I love Kansas City Star books, and have collected almost all of them.

Pictured here are: Second Hand Clothes, a Bonnie Blue Quilts pattern; Civil War Heritage, 1860-1865, by Karen Witt; a Signature Scraps booklet, Country Lanes, by Kaye England; a Whimsicals pattern, Fireside Cozy; and Fractions on a Roll by Kari Nichols for Mountainpeek Creations. This is a really cute pattern for jelly rolls.

Here are: French Farmhouse by Need'l Love; Meadowsweet Home by Need'l Love; #247 Friendship Blooms Over the Garden Fences by Crabapple Hill (gorgeous); Cinnamon & Nutmeg by Renee Plains of Liberty Star. This is a teeny quilt that I probably can get finished in this lifetime.

I did buy three yards of a tea-dyed muslin. I think it was a Moda fabric, but I can't find it on their site. I'll have to call the quilt shop to see what it was, or maybe Jane will remember, because I'd like a bolt or two of that.

So three yards wasn't too bad for this spontaneous adventure. I must be getting old!

I also ordered a couple of patterns this week from Brenda Riddle at Acorn Quilt & Gift Company, and got the most adorable pattern in from Kimberly at The Fat Quarter Shop.

These pictured patterns are: Seasons by Brenda Riddle, a block of the month pattern; My Funny Little Valentine by Brenda, a set of three punchneedle designs; Nottingham by Brenda; and Kati Cupcake by Miss Mazie. I'm thinking this one would be so cute in some of that Mary Engelbreit fabric that I seem to be hoarding.

Oh, and this one blew me away! Jane surprised me with a copy of Collaborate Again by Freddy Moran and Gwen Marston. When we got the first Collaborate book, we went on a seriously focused (there's that word again) adventure to find the perfect fabrics. Well, I have two huge tubs of those now and haven't touched them. This just might be the year! Right, Jane?

I'd say I have my work cut out for me!

Sorry this is so long. Just wanted to share because I'm SO excited!

Year-to-Date Totals:

Busted: 119.50 yards
Purchased: 348.125 yards
Net YTD: <228.625> yards


Judith said...

Vicky we are already in week 22 for the stashreport. Looking forward seeing what is in the box. That fabrc line is so beautifull.
Enjoy your patterns they are all beautifull.

Vicky said...

Thank you for pointing that out. I lost a few weeks of my life last month. It's corrected now.

sewprimitive karen said...

Tell us more about Temecula when you can, I LOVE their blog.

Yvette said...

I have been to these shops once and I loved them. I really do need to take a road trip. Or do I? LOL!

Lori in South Dakota said...

when you say serious shopping you MEAN it!! LOL Are you getting any good ideas?

Carol said...

What great pattern and book purchases...I want to hear more about the tea dyed sounds great! Glad you had a fun day.

Anonymous said...

Please share more about the Temecula shop. I LOVE there blog. You made alot of nice purchases.

Thanks said...

I can feel your excitement and enthusiasm as you shared your road trip - just like a kid in a candy store!

Nan said...

All the patterns you brought home are scrumptious! I may have to get a few of those myself, you temptress, you! LOL