Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy July 4th!

Sorry I don't have something patriotic to post about, but I've been busy this morning.

The Frigidaire freezer was delivered at 9:30 a.m. I got up at 4:30, pulled the QuiltMobile out of the garage and into guest parking, and swept the whole garage out. That took until after 7:00. Then I dashed upstairs to shower and get dressed because my delivery time was between 8 and 10:00.

This is a 16 point something cubic foot. I was afraid it wasn't big enough. Lordy, it's huge! I moved the boxes of steaks out of my side-by-side because they almost filled it completely. I started laughing because the boxes look so tiny in the new freezer!

Then I made breakfast and wanted to take a nap, but I made myself go to the market. First I stopped at Home Depot to buy another barbecue grill. Mine is only about two years old, but it needs to go in the garbage. You see, there are doves who nest in the eaves over my patio, and I left the top up on the grill one night to let it cool and I forgot about it. The next morning it was FULL of you-know-what. I considered cleaning it, but -- uh uh, it needed to be tossed!! Ain't enough disinfectants in the world!! :)

So I have a new Weber (which needs to be assembled) and this time I bought a cover for it. And I will move it into the alcove where the doves can't get to it!

I have to say here that last week I went to Home Depot and I could only find one guy to help me and he wasn't very nice. In fact, he was rude. So I left. Today everyone in the store was super helpful, nice, joking with me. It was a pleasure shopping there.

Now to Albertson's. I actually made a list of ingredients in some recipes I want to try that will freeze well. A BIG list! I started in the produce section. There were two gentlemen restocking produce, and they were so nice. I guess they don't have many ladies come in there asking differences in parsley, and for help identifying fresh herbs. I think they were having a good time explaining things to me. LOL. The meat market there is awesome, and the butchers are really nice about getting what I can't find or cutting things for me. Today was no exception.

Anyway, my basket was so overloaded that I was having trouble pushing it around. Two things I just couldn't find because this store is gigantic, so I gave up. The checkout lady asked me if I found everything, and I told her almost everything. She said she'd be happy to get the items I couldn't find, raisins and lemon juice, and she was back in a jiffy. So nice. Even the kid who loaded up my car for me was a doll.

I was just thinking last Saturday that I must be a magnet for rude people, because everywhere I went that day folks were so nasty to me. Today I take it all back. The folks in both Home Depot and Albertson's were extremely nice and friendly and smiling and helpful!

After unloading the QuiltMobile, I stepped in the bathroom and shrieked when I looked at myself in the mirror. I hadn't blown my hair dry and it was a curly mess. No make-up. Jeans that are huge on me -- Jane, you know the pair! I looked a sight! My mother was turning over in her grave!

Maybe that's why everyone was so nice to me today. They felt sorry for me!!!!! LOL

Now I'm too pooped to do any cooking tonight, but bright and early tomorrow I'm getting started. Don't know what recipes I'll make yet. I'll decide in the morning. I have a ton of meat in the refrigerator, and I need to freeze up what I don't use.

I am SO not Martha Stewart!


Gail said...

Vicki, having a freezer and pre cooking is a fabulous way to go. My problem is keeping it going. I tend to get called away to other things. But (for example), when you can buy tons of ground beef, brown it up with seasonings and freeze in portions it is alife saver come time to make lasagna or spagetti sauce or stuffed peppers. Have a great time tomorrow.

Vicki W said...

You ARE Martha this weekend!

merumo said...

I enjoy to be Martha during the holiday season with all kinds of fun cooking and baking stuff, but I am usually a Costco kind of girl. I mean "Not so home made" foody person with adding just some extra touch to make our food look like "Home made"! lol
I rather play with my doggie!!!

pdudgeon said...

congrats on your new upright freezer! it looks like a very nice one, and i love the shelves in the door--that's a great touch!

Judy Laquidara said...

That's hilarious! If looking like that causes people to be nice . . then you know what to wear when leaving home! :) So glad you got that freezer and it makes me smile to think of you looking forward to cooking.

whimzeestitches said...

Have fun filling that big baby up! I know we love our big freezer out back!

suz said...

I'm so impressed - I wish I liked to/could cook - I'd do the same thing. I do crockpot in the winter and freeze some then, but my kitchen skills are really limited ... ask my son (he's a good cook - self-presevervation!) Apparently the "new" look is the way to go when you are shopping! You should experiment and see what happens the next time! LOL