Sunday, July 04, 2010

Stash Report 2010 - Week 27

I don't know what happened this week. I didn't poke any buttons except for a pattern, but three packages landed. I forgot I had an order last week on one item, another was an automatic shipment from the Fat Quarter Shop, and the third was from a blogger friend. All total = 28.25 yards!

The first box contained this quarter's Scrap Basket Surprises Club quilt and backing. (Well, the link shows the September quilt, not the Summer Breeze quilt out of Fig Tree's Fresh Cotton.) The kit is already residing with its Fig Tree cousins, but it's the one with the darker polka dots there on the botton shelf. Don't say it. I know I have enough of Joanna's fabric to open my own Fig Tree shop! Love that stuff.

The second box was what I forgot I ordered last week -- a bolt of Aster Manor by 3 Sisters. I figure this 15 yards can be backgrounds and/or backings for two quilts. It goes with the Fig Tree lines, too, so no harm/no foul. I absolutely adore floral tone-on-tones. Perfect applique backgrounds. When I get time to applique, that is.

The third package was a gift from Kathie at Inspired by Antique Quilts - some shirtings. She recently had a contest on her blog for some shirtings, and although I didn't win, she was kind enough to send some along to me, too! These will all be used on my little basket blocks! BTW, I am working on those again. I made seven or eight last week, and plan to prep a bunch more this weekend. The next couple of weeks are going to be stressful at work, so it will be nice to have them ready to stitch on and relax when I get home each night. Thank you, Kathie! You make the most beautiful appliqued quilts, and are such an inspiration to me!!!

Penny had a rough day yesterday. We went to the vet early in the day to get her annual shots. Well, she had an adverse reaction to one of them, or maybe the combination. I don't know. Almost immediately she began projectile vomiting. Poor baby. They kept her there a couple of hours and gave her a steriod shot, Benadryl shot, and some hydration. We were toast when we got home. She mostly slept the rest of the day. They told me to keep a close eye on her, so I took them literally and basically just sat and watched her all afternoon. She's okay today, thank goodness. That was scary and awful.

I'm heading into my sewing room to start sewing on the Civil War Tribute BOM that I'm so far behind on. Each month is a bit labor intensive, but I love these blocks and love making them!

That's it for me. I'm deeper in the hole and I was trying SO hard to be good!

Year to Date:

Busted: 232.625 yards
Purchased: 307.955 yards
Net YTD: (75.53) yards busted :(

A bit of history: This week in 2009 I was 304.25 yards in the hole. In 2008 I was 267.75 yards down. I guess I'm not doing so badly after all!

Oh oh, one more IMPORTANT thing! Kimberly is having a sale on gift certificates until July 9th! What a deal! Now would be a great time to get those birthday gift certificates for your quilting buddies! Or for yourself, which is what I did!!


Cara said...

Oh I love that Fig Tree shelf. It is delicious! And background are always needed so that was a very good buy.
Do you have any Dandelion Girl in that stash?

Simone de Klerk said...

Poor poor Penny! Hope she is doing much better now.

Karen said...

You get the best packages!

Infinity Quilter/Knitter said...

Oohhh, love the fig tree collection, and who could resist Aster Manor?!?! I would love to take advantadge of the FQS sale but gosh I just can't.

I sure hope Penny is feeling better now. Give her a big hug from me!

Yvette said...

Ahhhhh, what glorious eye candy.

Poor Penny!!! I am always afraid when I have my pets vaccinated. My Chelsea went into congestive heart failure when she had her vaccinations and that was the beginning of a 2yr battle. I have read that it really isn't necessary to do it annually. I just don't know who to believe. I do vaccinate my pets but maybe not as often as I should.

jillquilts said...

Oh man!!! I think that I need a GC to supplement the one from you! I just can't stop at $50!!! lol

You are doing much better this year than in prior years!! Way to go!!!

Love to Penny from the pups here! Maxie has a very sensitive system and knows what it's like to be sick. :(

Becky said...

Glad that Penny is better today. What a scary experience for both of you. Hope the firecrackers don't upset Penny like they do Rusty. Have a wonderful holiday!

Love Fig Tree! Love 3 Sisters! You have excellent taste:)

mascanlon said...

Well I had some fun this week getting in fabric, 14 yds made up of 7 yd. Boys will be Boys, 3 yds of some more Holiday Happy 4yd of Fruitcake in a cute kit for a tree skirt plus another yd for was that...
Oh and nothing out...sigh...although I am making good progress on a pieced baby quilt and a christmas quilt. But then again I pushed a bunch of sale buttons today, some of it is Fig tree, I love her stuff too! UP to Claremont today for the parade, no chance to fabric shop in person. But I will get to play with my 2yr granddaughter!

Carol said...

You're doing much better than the previous years...I'm clapping for you! You got some wonderful goodies in the mail again...when you said you hadn't pushed any buttons, I thought maybe Miss Penny had been shopping again. They've gone to rabies shots every 3 years here and that makes me very happy. Our vet also will only give the boys one shot at a time, like last time we did rabies and then a month later we went back for distemper and parvo. He doesn't like too much at once. That is so scary when they get sick and they can't tell us what is going on. Hope she's back to her happy self really soon.
I'm with those Civil War Tribute blocks, but oh my they are a ton of work.

Judy Laquidara said...

You're doing so much better than you were the last two years! Pretty scary about Penny. So glad shes ok.

Perry said...

You are going to have to retire in order to ever get all of the fabric you have made. I tried that, but it didn't work, lol. Am hoping someone will be able to do that one of these days. Sorry to hear about Penny. And glad she is ok. Have a great week and don't forget to breath, lol!

Quilted Quickies said...

First things first. OMGosh!!! Is Penny doing OK now?! Gidget also had a reaction to her shots soon after I adopted her. She too vomited and broke out in hives. She looked like a horney toad. I had taken her to Petsmart after her shots and noticed she had the hives. I raced to my car and ran two red lights trying to get her back to the vet. I'm so sorry Miss Penny had to go through that ordeal :-( Gidget and I both send kisses and hugs to hopefully make Penny feel better.

OK...I thought I was bad with fabric kits and fabric...tee, hee...your photo of Fig Tree fabrics made me chuckle and feel better about what I have. Anyway, don't feel bad...don't "they" say...whoever dies with the most fabric wins?! Again, hugs and kisses to you and Penny!

Elizabeth (blue clear sky) said...

Wow, I would love to have a stash like that! My stash consists of about 20 fat quarters. I guess my stash wants to be your stash when it grows up ;)