Monday, March 28, 2011

Disclaimer & Full Disclosure

It seems that a lot of folks these days are being asked if they work for fabric designers, pattern or notions designers and/or quilt shops when they blog about a particular product, fabric or pattern. Maybe it's a mass email going out ... but I'll quickly address it here.

Nope, I don't work for anyone even remotely attached to the quilting industry.

Nope, I've never been sent anything free to endorse on my blog.

Nope, I wouldn't do it, even if I were asked.

I'm Corporate Director of Finance, Administration & Human Resources for a manufacturing company that forges titanium, steel and other high-temp alloys. I don't see how that could in any way be stretched to include anyone in the quilting industry, except that perhaps they may fly on a plane that contains some of our metal. Of course, I would have no way of knowing that for sure, but I'm just trying to cover all of the full-disclosure bases here. (Okay, that was a feeble attempt at humor!)

Honestly, I don't know what in the world I'd be able to offer any quilting-industry company who offered me a job! And I sure don't know where I'd come up with the time to handle two jobs! Well, I guess I could give up sleeping because that seems to be the only "spare" time I have lately.

Hope this clears up the matter. Maybe now that mass emailer will put me on their do-not-email list. At least I got a huge chuckle out of it! :)


Darlene said...

Definitely full disclosure!!! LOL

pdudgeon said...

lol, ok, i just had to chuckle. it just tickles my funny bone that someone would be so curious that they would think up a scheme to mass e-mail everyone who is interested in quilting.

and in case they're reding this....
you missed me!


Karen said...

Someone sent me an e-mail asking me to plug a book. I would get the book for free. The book title did not even remotely interest me. So, I guess there are people out there looking for people to help them promote their products. I can understand you wouldn't want to give up sleeping!

Cyn said...

Hi Vicky,

Sounds like a fun job except around tax time.

Definitely full disclosure, and we know it's not true. You just enjoy your hobby and want to enable I mean share. LOL!


Sandie ~call me crazy said...

Giggle, very full disclosure and funny too. If someone can figure out how your job promotes quilting, I'd love to hear it! ;-) Don't give up sleep~ its what keeps the creative juices flowing. Love your blog!

Laura said...

Finance, administration AND human resources? You wear just a few hats, don't you? ;-)

mascanlon said...

Yep, sounds like you'd pass our COI (Conflict of Interest Review). Made me laugh!

jillquilts said...

OMG!! Are you kidding me?? Did someone really take the time to send you an email after that last post? Lord, these people seriously have to GET A LIFE!!!

Camille said...

Ha ha... seriously, way to be awesome! Great post. :-)

suz said...

Too funny.
Well I do think you should get commission from the Fat Quarter Shop. I'm sure you've caused FQS addiction with many quilters! :-)
It is funny how people misread situations, isn't it, when all we want to do is make quilts and fondle fabric?

Vicky said...

And isn't that a wonderful addiction to have!!! :) :)

Kathie said...

keep doing what your doing, I believe it just makes you happy to share what you have bought and then give away what your not going to use.
your a very generous soul....
your posts always make me smile as so many of the things that come in boxes to you I wish was coming to me! you work hard and deserve to buy whatever you want!
go for it! I always see new things here.
hows Penny????

Carol said...

I just don't get some of these people...glad you could make fun of the situation.