Thursday, March 17, 2011

Miss Rosie's Patterns

I was so excited to see that Carrie Nelson's new Miss Rosie patterns were for sale at the Fat Quarter Shop! Really excited! I've been watching everyone out in bloggerland make up all these beautiful quilts, and felt like the red-haired stepchild. I would always forget to order the patterns. Then when I'd order one and it came in, I found I already had it. Or I'd pull all my fabric to make one, and discover that I had gotten other patterns but not the particular one I wanted.

Well, Kimberly solved all of that!

There's a brand-spanking-new Miss Rosie's Quilt Company Pattern Club, a Fat Quarter Shop exclusive club!!

Wow, Kimberly was reading my mind!! That was one button I didn't mind poking at all in the middle of last night! Since I had scoured the site at lunchtime and didn't see it, it must have just gone up. Hmmm, I wonder if I was the first! LOL

So I'm all signed up for this fantastic club! Now I know that when the latest Miss Rosie patterns are released, they'll be automatically shipped to me! How cool is that!! With a discount! No more trying to remember which ones I have or need to get!

Now I just need to start digging in my stash to find the perfect fabrics!


Carol said...

I wish I would have known they were doing a club, I found out after I ordered the patterns. Check out my blog, I'm giving away some of my old Schnibbles patterns. There are some good ones you might like.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, a perfect club for me too, how tempting!

Sandie ~call me crazy said...

What a great idea~ but ooohh the trouble I could get into! :-/ ;-) lol Hope you are having a good week!

Carol said...

Oh, how fun is that! And did you see the new Cotton Club by Bonnie Blue Quilts that Kimberly has added? OMG it's wonderful!

Laura said...

And you don't have to put them on your stash report! :-)

Vicky said...

I know, Laura! I know of that! :) :) :)

Carol, I saw that new Cotton Club BOM at Fat Quarter Shop! I fell in love with it immediately! Let's hold hands and do it together!!

Kathie said...

love, love, love these little baskets !!!!
yeah your making a few each week, good for you!