Tuesday, February 21, 2012


It seems my stash of eyeglasses has reached an end. I have three broken pairs now.

I managed to find the Scotch tape this morning .... and I have to go to work with tape on my glasses. Hopefully there's a LensCrafters near the office.

If that isn't bad enough, I applied hand lotion right before applying the tape. Now I have a VERY up close and personal view of a fingerprint!

Sheesh, you can't take me anywhere!


Yvonne said...

You're so funny! Hope you find a place close by.

Quilterbee said...

I remember it was not too long ago your glasses broke. When I take mine off I put them in the case right away. It really has helped prevent them from getting scratched up too. I'd be totally lost without my glasses. I put my spare pair in my glove box of my car because I got to thinking if the ones I was wearing broke while out and I needed to drive home I wouldn't be able too. I hope they can get them fixed for you today.

AnnieO said...

I first read this as "stash of eyelashes"! That would be unusual, indeed. Hope you get some replacement specs tout suite. A couple of weeks ago at JoAnn's I saw a woman with two pairs of readers on her head :)

Deb said...

I only need magnifiers, so I probably have 12 pairs, or more - stashed all over the house and at work. I'm not the best with them, so it's a good thing I have extras! Get them fixed so you can get back to sewing!

deb said...

I stock up at the 99 cent store!!!

I must have 50 pairs of readers around here, but can I ever FIND a pair?????

Kathie said...

so did you have all 3 pairs fixed?