Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Week in August

I didn't like this past week.  Not at all. 

It's hot.  It's dusty.  It's crowded.  It's So Cal.  What did I expect?

Penny made two trips to the vet this week.  She's had an upset tummy ... both ends were overworking if you know what I mean.  Wednesday she spent the day there, came home with tons of medicine, and didn't like me very much when I picked her up.  Things were okay but not normal on Thursday, and then Friday morning she started all over again.  Back to the vet to spend the night.  I picked her up Saturday afternoon and was told by my favorite vet that she'll be fine in a day or two.  He can't find anything wrong.  Of course, when he mentioned the gastro problems might be caused by stress, I about fell over laughing.  If this dog were any less stressed, she'd fall asleep while walking.  Anyway, it'll all end well but it sure is scary when your baby is sick.

I know she's not feeling good.  She actually stayed still for a picture.

I sewed a bit this week.  I'm laughing now because I'm trying not to show this quilt until it's gifted, but the photo of the back doesn't leave much to the imagination!  These fabrics are really hard for me to work with, so I'm going to push through and get the borders on and the backing pieced, and get both of the baby quilts off to the quilter this week. 

Then there's only one more thing to finish before I can get back to my projects.  There are tons of new things I want to make, a couple of UFOs really calling to me, and a BOM or two needing progress.  All things I want to work on. 

I see a busy remainder of the year for LA Quilter.

Oh, I'm going home next weekend for a visit.  More about that later.

I can't wait!!!!!!!


Laura said...

Sorry about Penny. Our elderly toy poodle had a health scare recently, but he came back amazingly well. Still, I know that feeling of worry when you want to make them feel better and you're not sure how. It's so wonderful to see you sewing again!

Toni Selman said...

Hope Penny feels well's hard seeing them not feeling well!

Loretta said...

It'll be great to be back in Cajun Land for your birthday. Glad you are feeling better.

Sharon said...

Hope little Penny is felling better. Yeah to going home! Good for you.

mascanlon said...

Glad Penny is feeling better, Spike has been struggling with the heat and is very lethargic too. As for sewing, well I have a pile of 4 ready to go to the quilter too and today I cut out 2 holiday quilts . Love the dr Seuss, way cute! Happy Birthday!

Carol said...

Sure hope Penny is feeling better...enjoy your trip home. Safe travel!

greelyrita said...

When guts are in an uproar, boil some rice for a long time in more water than usual. (boil for twice the normal time in twice the water) What you want is a rice soup with the rice falling apart. It slows the gut down, rehydrates and nourishes. This works for babies, old people, everyone in between and dogs. I had a collie who got diarhea at the drop of a hat. This fixed her many, many times. My current dog eats chicken poo which sets his gut roiling. Rice soup. It won't harm and it'll likely help.