Friday, March 29, 2013

Craftsy Dot Com

A week or so ago I subscribed to Camille's Pre-Cut Piecing lesson on Craftsy but was having trouble viewing it.  It was all herky-jerky.  Maybe I was hurting too much or my impatience had kicked in, but I just gave up on it.  This morning I gave it another go.

You can read all about her lessons here on her blog.  There is a link there to take you to Craftsy where you can subscribe to Camille's lessons as well as those of other quilters.

I turned off HD as someone suggested, and everything worked perfectly this morning.  I have really enjoyed sitting here and watching.  It's amazing that no matter how long we've been quilting, there are always tips we pick up while watching another quilter sew. 

For instance, I pin way more than Camille does.  I think it might depend on the complexity of the block, but I'm going to try it her way on my next quilt.  I might manage to get more done when I do get to sit down and sew.

I like purchasing these lessons from Craftsy.  I can go back and view them again and again.  I'm glad Pre-Cut Piecing was the first lesson I purchased.  Camille's fabric is so springy and happy, and she is perfectly adorable.  She makes you feel as though you're sitting across the table while she's speaking.  Very personable.

The lessons covered making three of her quilt patterns, from first cutting the fabric to quilting and binding.

Great job, Camille!  I look forward to watching many more Craftsy lessons from you!


Darlene said...

Great review, Vicky. I've looked at that on Craftsy and wondered whether or not to purchase it. Of course, her Hash Tag quilt is adorable.

Kathie said...

I wondered how the classes were on this site, Ihave never taken an on line class but have thought about it

Paula, the quilter said...

I have purchased several of these lessons and have only had one bad experience. The instructor had the camera on her face as she was saying and pointing something out on the table. I found the camera work in this one unacceptable. But other than that, the others are great!

mascanlon said...

I have purchased several classes and really enjoyed them. But I get behind watching. So you're a heavy pinner too! I am not surprised we have something else-in common. I haven't watched any of Camille yet so I guess I'll put that on my agenda! Hope you're feeling stronger today and sleeping better at night.