Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Welcome Home, Penny!

And she replied, "Can't you just let me sleep?"

Yesterday was a long day here.  A very nice friend hauled me around for the appointments, and we picked up Penny at the end of the day.  She saw me and sniffed my shoes for a minute, and then headed over to the play area where she's spent her time for the past two weeks.

When we got home, she explored everything, then promptly got on her spot on the staircase landing and rolled over for a belly rub.  I knew things would be okay from that point on.

Our first stop yesterday was the dentist at noon.  He replaced the veneer on my front tooth with the permanent and cemented it in place.  We left and drove over to a restaurant about ten minutes away.  We ordered and while sipping on tea the blasted thing fell off.  Back to the dentist.  Apparently the cement they used was defective.  Second time it worked perfectly.  I have my smile back.

I always say I have to do everything twice.  (insert eye roll here)

Then just enough time to make it to my neurosurgeon appointment.   He is very pleased with my progress.  X-rays showed the plate and screws in place.  The big bandage on the front of my neck came off.  He said he just had one stitch to remove, and he tugged on it.  Ouchie!!!  That thing hurt!!!  It may have only been "one stitch" but it was a running stitch the length of the incision. And it was a six inch piece of wire, not thread!  This guy needs a lesson in stitching terminology!  Seriously!

Anyway, I'm left with paper like butterfly strips that he said will come off in the shower.  It feels so good to get that hunking bandage off.

I have to wear the neck brace for six to eight more weeks.  I hate that thing.  It's awful to try to sleep in. I have to sleep on a 45 degree wedge.  I've never been a back sleeper, so it's hard to get comfortable and it makes my lower back hurt.  But at this point I'll do what I have to do to get my life back.  Next appointment is four weeks.

I asked about flying.  I thought since I'm off, I might be able to go home for a while.


He said I have no control over the knocks and bumps that might happen while I'm flying, and he doesn't want to take the chance.   This is disappointing.  I'll talk to him about that again at the next appointment.  Maybe the fusion will be far enough along at that point that he'll have a change of heart.  I'll plead and grovel.  That didn't work on the ambulance guys, but I'm willing to try my hand at that again.  Maybe I've been on the Left Coast so long that I've lost my ability to play the simpering Southern Belle.  Of course, I was truly never very good at that but I'm not past trying anything at this point!

The last stop was the market!  Hooray!  There's food in the house and lots of fruit and juices!  (Darn, I meant to hop on the scale at the doctor's office but I forgot.  My jeans are looser, so I'm sure I left a few pounds at the hospital.)  I was sick of soup and Jell-O, but I couldn't decide what I wanted last night.  I settled on a bagel.  I was hurting a lot by this time, so I went to bed and slept for 12 hours!

Today is another day.  I woke up hurting a bit, but the pain pill has kicked in now.  I want to do more scooting and twirling today.  It's kind of funny to watch me doing that.  Since I can't look down with the brace on, I have to bend at the waist.  But the weirdest part is trying to position my glasses on my nose so that I can see out of the proper bifocal.  I've been constantly pushing and pulling on them since I got home.  The things we take for granted!

I promise no more long blog posts.  And hopefully future posts will be quilt-related!!!


Carolyn said...

But we like your long posts! I'm so glad that you're on the mend and doing well. The next 4 weeks will go quickly with all the scooting and twirling you have on the agenda! Isn't it amazing how our bodies betray us when we get older? I'm of a mind to have a serious talk with my body tonight, it's really not acting the way I would like it to. Think it would help? Keep smiling my friend!

dortha said...

So glad you have your beloved buddy back with you. It sounds like things are improving slowly. That is good. Good to have more blogging from you. I hope you get better and better every day.

julieQ said...

Please do blog loooooonnnggg posts...I love them! Nice to hear things are coming back together, literally. And Penny is home! Whoop!

Laura said...

We look forward to your long blog posts! Glad Penny is home with you and that she wasn't too much of a pill. ;-)

Sharon said...

Now that Penny is home, the time will zip by. And listen to the dr's orders......you only want to rehab this ONCE!!!

Kathie said...

I am so glad you got out of the house and a ride to the dr and to pick up Penny. each day things will get better...be a good patient you don't want to ever have to do this again! 12 hrs wow that must have been a good sleep, something you really needed.

Mary said...

You are definitely on the mend and it is great you have Penny back as well. Keep up the good news!

Darlene said...

Penny's home - woohoo!!!!

A day out and about with challenges and frustrations. I know enjoyed getting out of the house. That's a very good thing.

mascanlon said...

Hurrah your companion is home! Don't cha love how she had to dis you once at the spa? I could hardly believe the latest dentist/tooth story, yep you are the "everything twice queen".
Glad everything is healing nicely and although its frustrating I know you don't want to do this again....careful twirling!

tpott said...

So happy to hear Penny's back home, with you. Yay!!! Boy-o-boy what a day out, you had. At least you had some fresh air and good company, you must have been really wiped out to sleep 12 hrs. Hopefully the "mean" surgeon man, let's you fly soon as soon as you heal enough. Love, your long posts. Pet Penny for me, enjoy having her home. ;-> Toni Anne

Penny said...

Who cares about quilts? I want to know how you are doing. I am happy that things are improving day by day. Here is a (((cyber hug))). I wish I could give you one in person. Hang in there. The quilting will come when it is time. Don't push it.

Mimi said...

I'll do the eye roll for you. Glad you are recovering. My appointment is tomorrow. Hope I can get a smaller cast.

Sherry said...

Glad to hear that you & Penny are back together again.

I understand about the sleeping situation --- I've been battling pneumonia and have taken to sleeping sitting up on the couch so that I can get through the night without coughing every 5 minutes --- not fun.

You gave me the giggles with your description of the eyeglass situation --- oh how well I know that! LOL

Have fun scooting and twirling.

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

I like long blog posts too. So glad Penny is home with you. Take it easy!