Sunday, April 14, 2013

Questions Post and Comments

Wow, I really enjoyed reading all of your comments on the last blog post.  It seems that many of you are kindred spirits!  One common theme that coursed through a lot of the comments is that we have a LOT of stash!  Of course, many of you probably have a better plan in mind than I do for that stash!

I did a random drawing for a box of miscellaneous cuts of fabric, including a lot of neutrals, and the winner of that drawing is:

Vivian of Bronx Quilter blog.  Vivian said her heart really belongs to scrappy, so I hope she'll find these fabrics useful.

Vivian, please email me so that I can arrange shipment of your package.

And then I did something I don't often do, and that is to select two other winners because they mentioned a specific type of fabric that I want to reduce in my stash .... batiks.

Nini - said she buys batiks by the armload because she loves them so much.


Marilyn - said she loves batiks.

If both Nini and Marilyn will email me their postal addresses, I'll get their packages off to them.  These two packages may take a wee bit longer as I have to pull out the batiks.  I think I can get to them without having to have someone help me, but it might have to wait until I get a strong back over here.  I'll keep you posted on the status of your shipment.

I was talking to Darlene this week and mentioned that it is the "color wall" fabrics that I mostly want to reduce.  I will probably have another blog post about that soon where I ask you the color that you like/need the most in your stash.  Stay tuned!

Thank you to everyone for commenting.  I think I'm beginning to get a grip on what I need to do to tame the beast.  I surely don't want to have to move all of this when I retire, but I want to keep enough so that I will have plenty to work with for a few years. What a conundrum!!


Melanie said...

My mom always says, ' giving something away comes back to you tenfold. You just gave girls who may not have been able to have ' the Good fabric' and opportunity to enjoy it. What a treat. I just know blessings are headed your way...

Carol said...

Congrats to the winners. I hope you found some useful comments for managing your stash. The color wall thing sounds interesting. I think if a poll were taken you would find people tending to get one certain color again and again that they love.

Darlene said...

You'll tame the stash beast in due time.

Congrats to the winners!

CitricSugar said...

They were great questions - I loved scrolling through the answers… :-) Good luck with the beast-taming.

Karen said...

I find that saving fabrics for a rainy day sometimes backfires. The fabrics go out of style and you end up giving them away. I have done that many times. But some of the fabrics seem almost timeless. What's a gal to do?

Vivian said...

Thanks for the win, it made my morning!!

I'm sure we all got some good ideas re stash management. The one good thing about the fabric industry right now is that there is such a big range of fabric designs as well as colors being used out there, it is easier than it was in the past to integrate older fabrics into a project with newer ones.

mascanlon said...

Nicely done Vicky!

Marilyn said...

Vicky, you made my morning too! Thanks so much! I found all the comments to be interesting - lots of great ideas.

Thanks for your generosity!

Kathie said...

congrats to the winners! I use batiks and brights for my donation quilts, I find it allows me to work in fabrics I don't normally use and just have fun with the happy bright fabrics. I love 30's fabrics but I tend not to buy them think I had better change that soon have a few baby quilts I need to make.
hope your feeling better and Penny is taking good care of you :)