Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I've been pondering things since I'm pretty much down for the count on sewing.  Mostly I've been pondering my stash.  I have beautiful fabric purchased with no particular plan in mind.  I have tons of wonderful patterns purchased with no particular plan in mind.  I have oodles of books purchased just because I thought I would enjoy reading them -- i.e., no particular plan in mind. 

No particular plan in mind.  I guess that means I'm a fly-by-the-seat-of-the-pants kinda gal.

I really know what I like in my stash -- and what I could part with and not miss.  That's probably where I need to start paring it down, taming the wild beast so to speak.

1.  Do you purchase fabric for a pattern you already know you're going to make, or just because you like it?

2.  Do you purchase a pattern because you have fabric that would work?

3.  Do you have a person as the recipient in mind when you make a quilt?

4.  Do you buy kits?

5.  Do you purchase complete lines like towers, Jelly Rolls, etc., or do you like scrappy quilts?

6.  Do you like individual patterns or books more?

7.  Do you want to leave a comment to win something from my stash? 

I'd really appreciate your thoughts on this matter. 


julieQ said...

Well, I used to buy fabric just 'cause I liked it...then I got a weeeeee bit too much stash going on! I do love patterns, but usually buy them, then alter them or just use them for inspiration. I am finding myself using scraps mostly these days, and those lovely towers and yardage just sit there on the shelf and look pretty!! I think that the whole thing is wonderful entertainment...dreaming, purchasing fabric, planning...and sometimes actually sewing!!

Carol said...

I seem to be like you, a fly by the seat of my pants kind of gal. I buy patterns, books and fabric just cause I like them. But lots of times I have a specific purpose for my purchases. I've been thinking lately I need to make something from each awesome book I own. I find that I'm using more of my scrap fabric when I sorted it by color. I have a couple fat quarter bundles but I have them because I was lucky enough to win them. I really love charm packs so I have a bunch of them. I have lots of BOM kits that I know I'll get done one day.

Colleen said...

Oh my, I can totally relate. I love stash, kits, and in particular, patterns. I always buy them thinking if inspiration strikes, it may be gone and I need to HAVE it. I only occasionally make quilts specifically for someone. Otherwise I just make them for fun. I actually love the shopping and stashing probably more than the actual process of quilting!

Nini said...

I buy batiks by the armful because I love them so much, and I use them a lot. When I know I'm making a quilt for someone, I'll buy specific fabric for it. But I also buy assorted stuff I see and like and add to my stash willy nilly! I've bought a ton of books, and mostly use one pattern from each! Have bought a ton of single patterns, and am finally using my first one after 20 plus years of collecting! In the end, when I've finished the specific quilt for the specific person, I use my left overs to make a Linus quilt.

Cathi said...

I tend to buy fabric because I like it, with no specific plan . I like scrappy quilts, but somewhat controlled scrappy. I've stopped buying books and patterns as I have more than enough already and find that I never follow a pattern anyway! I have one FQ bundle that I received as a gift -- and I've been so hesitant to undo that ribbon and start using them! But I am undoing that ribbon today and will get them washed, ready to use!

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

I tend to buy to coordinate with something in my stash. I always drool over the jelly rolls, layer cakes etc, but with no plan in mind I can't decide about buying yardage to go with them~ so I end up not buying them unless I have a pattern (or book) that I intend to follow. But then, I'll decide I want it bigger and that blows the whole plan! LOL I generally don't buy kits, but maybe I should. I usually have an intended recipient when I make something though. And yes, I would love to inherit something from your stash! I live vicariously through you and your button pushing. ;-)

Kathie said...

I usually buy fabric for the colors I need to add to my fabric collection and for a specific project now. I also will buy fat quarter bundles of new lines gives you a preview of the line adds alot of variety to the stash you wouldn't normally buy (colors and prints you might not choose)
Yes I will buy something for backgrounds or backings if I love it or its on sale cheap! I like buying kits for quilts I love and want to make it like the sample. Sometimes having a kit is great you don't have to think just sew!
I like books more then patterns but will buy a pattern if I like it a lot. Never buy a pattern just cause I have fabric that would work.
I love buying towers as it adds such a variety to my stash, love jelly rolls,etc as it gives you instant cut sizes to use on a project right away! less cutting.
left the comment and would love to win something from your stash but happy answering your questions...hope your doing better and turning the sewing machine on for more minutes each day!

Anonymous said...

I believe I do all of the above. Anymore with the cost of fabric, I try to consider what I want to do with it before a purchase. Bev/Mo

Britt said...

I used to buy because I liked it...but found I either never bought enough or still needed to shop for the "right" tone or shade to go with other fabrics. So now I am trying to use what I have and buy when I have a purpose in mind or a project. Just because I love it fabrics still sneak in every now and then because a love of fabrics is what started my quilt obsession in the first place!

Kelly Grace said...

I usually purchase fabric for a project, unless it's something I really, really like then I'd buy it just because I like it. I don't usually purchase patterns, I usually design my own quilts. Most of the time I have a recipient in mind, but lately I've been making quilts without knowing who is going to get it. I don't normally buy kits, I prefer to pick everything out myself. If it's a line that I like, I'd buy the complete line, but sometimes I just can't afford it. I like books, only because you are getting more patterns for the money.

Anonymous said...

I tend to buy (individual) patterns and fabrics I like. I let them spend time together in my sewing room, and eventually the right ones pair up -- sort of like for quilts. I've recently become more attracted to fabric lines. There seem to be such pretty ones out right now. When I was off school last week I used a Get A Clue with Nancy Drew layer cake and a pattern called The Cut Up to make a throw-size top. I think of my fabric purchases (which are rarely made unless there is a sale or discount) as retirement planning.

Cindy in NC

tpott said...

I never really thought about it but, I guess I'm like you and fly by the seat of my pants. I by what I need when I need it, I also buy what I like (within reason). Yes, I also have WAY to much sewing stuff. I've been trying really, really hard to use what I have. I don't subscribe to anymore quilting magazines. At quilt shows I only by what I can't buy from my LQS. I'm trying, if I don't my sewing room will explode. ;-> Toni Anne

Mary said...

If I like a pattern I'll buy it. I have bought kits in the past but I prefer to "build my own". I have a lot of fabric and lately have been trying to figure out scrappy quilts to use a lot of fabric as my criteria. I love Jo Morton fabric and am still adding to that collection. I love to buy quilt books if they have MY kid of quilts in them. I, too, look for sale fabric for backing and look for extra wide as well so there is no back piecing. if my quilts aren't huge, I have been machine quilting them myself. Fun questions to think about! I hope you are feeling better everyday.


Sherry said...

I buy what I like whether it be fabric or patterns.

That is why I am probably in the same situation that you are in. My stash is one that I don't think I will ever go through on my own unless I was able to sew for 10 hours a day --- every day.

I have purchased a ton of kits. . .but since I don't work on them immediately I have found myself coming up short with some fabrics and then had to scramble to try to find something that would work. So I don't buy kits any longer.

I have purchased jelly rolls and charm packs on occasion. . . .but the only "line" I could say I went crazy for was 1930's repros --- I must have enough of that fabric to make 15 quilt tops!

With the cost of patterns becoming so high ($24 for one pattern is too rich for my blood) I have found that I prefer purchasing books (sometimes on clearance for less than half).

Thanks for the thought provoking questions.

dianne said...

i don't seem to be an "yes or no" kinda person - i can answer "yes AND no" to all but 6 and 7 ... i like books because i love to hold a book in my hands and they seem to be a better bargain - and i like patterns because then i am not stuck with a bunch of designs i will never make ... and 7 is a definite YES, because i have seen glimpses of your stash and it is AWESOMESAUCE!

i hope that you are doing better - your sense of humor certainly hasn't suffered!

Jacque Dunn said...

I am a fly by the seat gal also. I have a serious addiction to fabric! I prefer fat quarters as I am a scrappy quilt person. I have never bought a kit and probably never will. I have a few books but they now seem like a waste of money to me as I will probably only make one quilt so that is alot of money for just one pattern. Most of my patterns come from my head or freebies on the internet! I go to alot of estate sales and find some real treasures there. Plus I feel like I am doing my part by rescueing the orphaned sewing items that the family is not interested in! Hope I win something from your stash!

Kate said...

Hmmm, I think I'm all over map on buying. I actually have a very small "stash." Most of the time, I buy for a specific project...but considering I just packed up forty "homemade kits" - its not like they're being made in a timely fashion. I sometimes buy precuts if I really like the line - type based on the fabric - layer cake if there's a lot of larger prints that I might not want to cut, jelly roll if there's not. Lots of charms, too - they make good baby quilts! I don't usually buy patterns unless I know I have the fabric for it. (Or will get some soon!) I tend to read-browse library books rather than buy. But my MIL got me two magazine subscriptions for Christmas, so now I have those to read, too!

Pam P said...

Okay - don't laugh - I just buy whatever I love. Sometimes just a pattern but other times an entire kit or FQ bundle. A "plan"? What's that?!? Lol - I tried to figure out what type of quilter I am but I just don't fit into one catagory, and my quilts certainly reflect that :)

Jennifer Schifano Thomas said...

I buy fabric whenever I can get a good deal on it, or if I need something particular that I don't already have for a quilt I'm working on. I buy books, patterns, and etc. when I can get a good price. I design my own patterns, so I don't worry about patterns as much, mostly just fabric and thread. I don't buy bundles often. I usually work from my stash, and fill in the "holes" as needed. Have a super day1

Carolyn said...

I do both, buy fabric because I like it or because I have a specific project. I have bought towers because I like a whole line and have plans for it...although most often those plans change! I prefer to look through magazines for quilts and have quite a few stacks of them. I don't often buy patterns, but have accumulated a few. I've bought one quilt kit and it's probably 8 years old and I still haven't made it. But since I almost bought the same quilt kit again, I know I still want to make it!

I often start a quilt with someone in particular in mind, although my most recent quilt I made for myself, wasn't thrilled and gave it to my older daughter who LOVES it. I will buy books if there are at least two projects in them that I think I'll make, or if it's by Kim Diehl. :) Love her stuff, but have yet to make anything! I always have good intentions of using my scraps but rarely do. My stash is pretty small, so I usually have to buy something to make a complete quilt, usually borders, binding and sashing fabric. As for giveaways, yes I love them and if you're destashing, I'm in! I've seen a lot of your purchases and know I love your taste in fabric! Hope this helps! Feel better...

Laura in IA said...

I've done it all. Depends on my mood at the time. Let's face it. I collect fabric. I love everything about it. I think it's in the genes. When I get a "deal" I am the happiest so of course I would love to win some of your collection.:^)

Anonymous said...

I love 19th C. scrappy & buy what I love and sometimes what is a little odd or fabric that I'm "afraid of" to add something a little different. I try to buy a variety so I can get different tones, scale of fabric, texture, etc.; don't really buy towers or precuts. As far as patterns & books go, if something strikes me or takes my breath away, I will buy it to put it on my ever-growing bucket list. Having tried to make quilts in colors or styles (not my own) for a specific recipient in mind, I noticed my passion lacking for that which is supposed to be fun and creative. Therefore, my motto has become "I only have a certain number of quilts I will make in my lifetime. I want to love every one of them." If the quilt project passes that test, it's a keeper for me and worthy of spending my time and money on.
Mona in TX

Renegade Quilter said...

1. Both - I buy fabric because I like the fabric - no plans in mind or I buy it with a pattern in mind.
2. Not really - I buy a pattern if I like the pattern.
3. Sometimes I have someone in mind when I am making a quilt but usually not.
4. yes I buy kits
5. yes I buy complete lines - especially from designers I love.
6. I like single patterns best.
7. Yes I want to win something from your stash!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think I get a bit jealous of those ladies who can pull fabric from a stash and create a beautiful quilt. I for some reason cannot make myself buy fabric unless I know what I am going to do with it. However, I do find myself buying patterns and books with the hopes that some day I am going to make one of those quilts. I’ve had hit or miss success with kits; sadly I think it depends on where you get them from as not all quilt shops are created equal.

~Sheila F.

Cathy said...

I used to buy fabric just because I liked it - a yard or half yard or 3 yards for borders, fat quarter packs the store made up. I do much less of that now, mostly because I have so much and ran out of room to store it, but also because I realized too much was going unused and I need to be more selective. There will always be fabric out there I like! I buy books if they contain something that I think I will make eventually and I will enjoy browsing through the book; I have a number that are inspirational rather than project-specific. I've cracked down on pattern buying, too, because I have so many I've never used; now I buy only if I think I will use it "soon," which primarily means I either have fabric in my stash, have fabric in mind, or have a recipient or purpose in mind. I'm not on a tight budget so it is all too easy to get carried away!

cakegirl said...

I buy fabric that I like without any project in mind. lately I have been purchasing on line and love the convenience.
If I use a pattern it is not from a book although I am currently planning an Irish Chain quilt and did get books from the library for instructions. have never used a kit. my stash is getting out of control so I am trying very hard to use what I have. it is so hard to cut some of my favorites! most of my quilts are either baby or lap size. Quilting is so relaxing and enjoyable. And a BIG plus, calorie free!!!

Vivian said...

Things I think about frequently so here goes:

I definitely buy fabric for a specific pattern/project only because to me every fabric has potential to work in some project somewhere so where do you draw the line (not to mention how do you decide how much is enough to buy)? I've bought patterns because I knew I had or saw the perfect fabric for them but will also buy a pattern if it's a design I really like and know that I can't/don't want to take the time to work it up on my own should the time come that I want to make it.

I prefer to have a recipient/display space in mind when making a quilt so that I have an incentive to get it done rather than leave it to become an eternal UFO (UFOs do happen but commitment guilt eventually makes me finish them up).

I did go through a big kit phase in the last few years but want to ease up on that since having the fabric all picked out did not improve the speed or likelyhood of it getting made up quickly which is usually why I bought the kit in the first place. I've only bought a complete line once and have bought a few jelly rolls/precuts (all for specific projects) but my heart really belongs to scrappy.

Books always seem the better bargain (more design bang for the buck) but as stated before, if I really like a pattern and know I want to make it, I will buy it.

Great survey!

Gwen said...

I'm such a fabric mess! I have fabric in every category you mentioned. I am working on getting a huge stack of tops quilted. I am trying to finish anything I start and only purchase things to complete what I have. I do think out taste in fabric changes over time and that is a good place to start if there is a need to downsize. I need to do some of that myself! Hugs!

lesthook said...

We came back from Germany in 1990 and I went a little craxy buying fabric. Before our household goods even arrived I was borrowing my sisters sewing machine and making cheerleading skirts. Then I started quilting. I used some fabric in a table topper recently that was from my wild buying in 1990. I combined it with others from my stash in a scrappy top. I recently ordered some fabrics that were being offered in a give-a-way. Glasses and mustaches and records and more. I was doubtful of my winning and loved them so I got my own. I think I can say yes to most of your questions.

Sharon said...

I usually buy fabric when I find it on sale. Then I kinda stock up. I have never bought a kit and I think I only have bought one pattern in my quilting life. I tend to use magazines or what I find on the internet free. I have a lot of books that I love and I use them.

Ann said...

Hi Vicki, I hope you're on the mend. I will buy a tower of fat quarters only if i love the whole collection. I do buy kits if i have a specific use in mind, or again if i love both the pattern and the fabric. Usually I buy FQs or 1/2 yards just to fill out my stash. There is nothing more satisfying to find a pattern i want to make and being able to pull everything from my stash.

We recently moved, and I "reunited" my stash of fabric, books and patterns which were stored in multiple places. It was a little....horrifying. The fabric is all unpacked and organized, but the paper items are not. Clearly it's time to edit my collection.

pdudgeon said...

1. Do you purchase fabric for a pattern you already know you're going to make, or just because you like it?

answer: in the past the answer has been 'both'! but now it has to really be special because my storage space is getting cramped.

2. Do you purchase a pattern because you have fabric that would work?

answer: my stash is pretty well pre-designated and organized into the fabric requirements for specific quilts, but i have been known to change patterns when i see a pattern that i like better than the one first chosen.

3. Do you have a person as the recipient in mind when you make a quilt?

answer: sometimes, but more often the size of the quilt itself dictates where/who it will wind up with.

4. Do you buy kits?

answer: rarely. and when I did i usually wound up re-purposing the material.

5. Do you purchase complete lines like towers, Jelly Rolls, etc., or do you like scrappy quilts?

answer: yep i often get complete lines, and like to combine a jelly roll and a layer cake in a quilt. I've done it so often that i must confess, I have all the fabric requirements for those quilts memorized!

6. Do you like individual patterns or books more?

answer: That would be an "either/or" question for me, as both are viable choices in my library. but if it's a book or a magazine it's got to have more than one pattern that i like.

7. Do you want to leave a comment to win something from my stash?

answer: OH BOY, WOULD I!
I think you've got the ultimate quilter's stash along with the discriminating fabric stasher's taste to go with it. So i feel perfectly safe in saying that any fabric you've liked, i'm gonna like better. LOL

hadacres said...

Well since my stash may just rival yours, I am trying to use what I have. I buy what I need to finish a project. But I can be lead down any path that has a fabric that catches my eye & will become a future project. I buy what I like or think someone who needs a quilt from will like.
Hope you are healing & will soon be able to get back to sewing.

Beth said...

1. Do you purchase fabric for a pattern you already know you're going to make, or just because you like it? Nope.

2. Do you purchase a pattern because you have fabric that would work? Nope.

3. Do you have a person as the recipient in mind when you make a quilt? Nope.

4. Do you buy kits? Not so much anymore. It has to really call to me.

5. Do you purchase complete lines like towers, Jelly Rolls, etc., or do you like scrappy quilts? Nope. I love making scrappy utility quilts from my scrap bins.

6. Do you like individual patterns or books more? Both.

7. Do you want to leave a comment to win something from my stash? Yes, and no. I have so much stuff I forgot I even have, and will probably never use, but the offer is nice! LOL

mennikelly said...

1. I've purchased fabric for a purpose and also fabric just because I like it. I need to be much better about actually following through on my intentions when I purchase fabric so I don't have as much.
2. I've purchased a pattern to fit the fabric I had, mostly pre-cut based.
3. Almost always I have a person in mind for a quilt.
4. I haven't bought a kit before.
5. I've bought more collections but have tried recently to mix collections more.
6. I'm more likely to use individual patterns than the patterns in books so far. I do like the books
7. Sure. I do hope you are feeling much better. Your tree quilt blocks look amazing.

~Kristie said...

With the hit to the economy (and our small business), I have been more targeted with my spending. If I'm making a quilt for someone else, I will buy a kit or make my own kit out of charm packs, layer cakes, etc. I like the simple, country designs by Thimbleberries, and my entire stash is comprised of Lynette's fabrics. I do my best to replicate the fabrics used in a published pattern or book, so I have to hunt around for the ones I need. Currently I have 59 partial kits that need one or more fabrics for completion. I've been scouring online sites and eBay, and every once in a while I am able to acquire the last piece for a kit. (Do you have any old TB fabrics you'd like to have taken off your hands??? lol) For this reason, I haven't been building my stash - but, then again, it doesn't need to grow much more! Oh, and I definitely prefer books to individual patterns...

dortha said...

I tend to purchase what catches my eye. I really need to be one of those people who purchase for a specific purpose. I tend to have patterns, fabrics, books, etc that will never get used and my money could have been used in a wiser manner. I also tend to buy things to help me feel better. It doesn't in the end though. I wonder why I got it. With that said I think we tend to change over time. What I bought five years ago some of it I don't like now. Should have used it when I liked it.

Darlene said...

I'm definitely a fly by the seat of my pants quilter.

1. Do you purchase fabric for a pattern you already know you're going to make, or just because you like it? Sometimes

2. Do you purchase a pattern because you have fabric that would work? Sometimes

3. Do you have a person as the recipient in mind when you make a quilt? No

4. Do you buy kits? Not like I used to but on occasion I will pick up a kit.

5. Do you purchase complete lines like towers, Jelly Rolls, etc., or do you like scrappy quilts? Yes, I do but again not like I used to - my budget is way too tight. I've had to scale back my purchases.

6. Do you like individual patterns or books more? Yes! :-)

7. Do you want to leave a comment to win something from my stash? I'd love to say yes but that makes me sound greedy. LOL

Gretchen said...

1. Both. Although now, due to the rising cost of fabric and the rising piles of stash, I try really hard to only buy for a specific project.

2. Yes although I have enough of a stash to fit any pattern LOL!

3. No. I just like to make quilts then find a purpose for them.

4. Yes.

5. I love love love to purchase whole lines in precuts and make both single line and scrappy quilts.

6. Books are more economical now than individual patterns.

7. Yes!

Anonymous said...

1. Both
2. Usually
3. Yes
4. No
5. Charm packs
6. Books - but must have several patterns that I like.
7. Yes!!


Lynne in Hawaii said...

Only on a few occasions have I ever purchased fabric for a specific project. I usually buy what I like and work seat of the pants. Much of my projects have come about from orphans blocks friends have passed along and scraps. No matter how hard I try, I have not been able to tame those scraps...they are alive and growing! When needing to find something that will work on a project, if I don't have the 'perfect' fabric then I have several friends who allow me access to their stash (and vice versa).

Paula, the quilter said...

I haven't really bought any fabric for a long time. I've been working from the stash; 'nuff said about that. I don't buy patterns but I do buy books. I get a lot of inspiration from the web. I don't buy kits, but have been given several by family members as a birthday or Christmas gift. I love to make applique quilts and I've found that it uses a lot of one fabric (background) and then scraps. HTH.

Melanie said...

I purchase fabric with a pattern in mind but I also buy just because I love it. I buy fat quarter bundles or yardage if I have a specific pattern in mind or layer cakes or jelly rolls with yardage for borders and binding if I just love the line. I have tonnes of patterns,magazines and books but I try not to buy the books/magazines unless they have multiple patterns I like. Also have purchased several kits but I can't honestly think of one I've made!
When I make quilts for a specific person I try to make the quilt to their taste, I've never understood the idea of making quilts that suit me and expecting everyone else to want one as a gift. Oddly none of the men in my life like pink and green florals! Quilts I make just because I love the fabric or pattern will usually get claimed by my Mom, sister or daughter or will stay with me.

Marilyn said...

You know I love patiks, Moda and beautiful florals. My answers are:

1. Because I really like it!
2. No - I have enough patterns and books
3. Most of the time.
4. I have only purchased one oriental kit and still have to make it.
5. Have purchased Jelly Rolls and Charm packs.
6. Individual patterns but love the books I have.
7. Of course I want to leave a comment! I have been using stash and only buying backings and small amounts to go with a particular quilt. With a new baby boy in the family this past weekend, I have to go buy something more boyish.

Mary-Kay said...

Thanks to Judy over at Patchwork Times, I always consider everything before I purchase anything. I don't buy "just because" because I already have way too much "just because" fabric. I try to use my stash first before I decide I need to buy fabric. For patterns, I usually go for the single ones, first because they take up way less space and second, if I buy a book, I never end up making more than 1 thing out of it. I don't like kits because I like to wash all my fabric first and I figure I'm a pretty good judge of what fabrics match. Lately when buying fabric, it's always for a specific recipient, never just for the stash. I hope you have lots of fun reading all these comments. At least that will give you a quilty fix until you get back to it. Hope you feel better real soon.

Catherine said...

OH -- the debates I could get into with myself over these questions.....the basic answer is yes to all. I sometimes buy with a purpose/plan, and sometimes because I like it. I sometimes prefer books, and sometimes patterns. I love kits, and like to pick my own fabrics. I like lines, and scrappy quilts!!!! I'm really helpful aren't I. Well, at least you know there is someone else out there with the same issues....too much stash, and not nearly enough sewing time!!!!

Mimi said...

1. Do you purchase fabric for a pattern you already know you're going to make, or just because you like it? Yes to both.

2. Do you purchase a pattern because you have fabric that would work? Not usually.

3. Do you have a person as the recipient in mind when you make a quilt? Sometimes

4. Do you buy kits? Once in a while.

5. Do you purchase complete lines like towers, Jelly Rolls, etc., or do you like scrappy quilts? Yes.

6. Do you like individual patterns or books more? Both

7. Do you want to leave a comment to win something from my stash? I think I just did! LOL.

Paula said...

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes and yes. I can be impulsive or take forever to decide on fabric. I used to just by single patterns and now I like books. I like to buy kits from time to time and also like precuts and yardage. I have special people in mind for some projects and others wait to be given away at just the right time. I guess I'm just a quilt junkie.

Kristy said...

I think the only question I can answer no on is the towers of fabric. I don't buy towers because they are usually pretty expensive. I tend to buy things in bits and pieces or for a whole project all at once. I do make things for specific people most of the time. The only quilt in recent memory I just wanted to make because I loved everyone else's versions of it was Lori Holt's Row-a-long. Now I have the completed top and I am pondering whether I want to give it to my daughter or not. It was the first quilt I think I made for me that I really like all the colors and each row has a story that happened while I made it. But she was always saying things like "Mommy that is so pretty. I love it. " So I am still pondering what to do. I do like both individual patterns and books. I do buy kits but mostly for applique quilts. I would love to have something from your stash if you were wanting to give it a new home. I like scrappy and I like more controlled, just depends on my mood. Hope you are feeling better soon. Hope this helps! K-

Anonymous said...

I buy fabric with a pattern in mind but almost never use it for that project. Unless I make it right away it languishes until I go hunting for something that will work for whichever project I'm currently on. I buy both precuts and yardage, but tend only to buy when its on sale. I buy kits, but sometimes use the fabric for something else. I start quilts on inspiration of a design, but finish them when there's an actual person/event involved! I tend to like books over patterns but these days I usually can work without a pattern.

Maddie Can Fly said...

I never buy kits. I am have so many BOM kits that I have never made. It's hard to work full time plus and then be single and try to find time to sew, but hey, you know that! LOL

Lots of women buy shoes or clothes when they're stressed or sad -- I go to fabric stores. And I always feel better afterwards

Anonymous said...

I mostly buy fabric, patterns and books just because I like them.
My stash is growing out of control so I must try to concentrate more on kit form or pre-cut purchases. I just don't have room to store so much that will sit for years. I have been working on organizing the stash the last couple of's going painfully slow. debbiequilter

Deb said...

I buy lots of kits - if I see something completed that I really like, why recreate the wheel! I also buy fat quarter towers if I really like a specific line, but then I have a difficult time taking it apart and using it, there must be something wrong with me! I buy patterns occasionally, but not often and the same with books, if I really see a pattern in a book that I like I'll buy it. I have a HUGE stash of fabric because I'll just buy randomly with no plan in mind....hmmm, that must be another problem I have! I probably have enough stash, kits, towers that I could open my own store - must stop buying!

Barb in Mi said...

Well, all of the above apply:I buy fabric because I like it and may have something in mind. Lately I seem to be leaning to FQ bundles of a collection.
I like quilt kits as well because they get me going right away. I do prefer books over single patterns (due to price and I seem to lose single patterns easier in between my fabric stacks...) and I just love to flip through books & magazines, even years later. Sometimes I have a person in mind and I donate quilts as well - and some I even keep for myself (gasp!). And yes, I love scrappy quilts and giveaways as well!
Hope you feel better and are back to sewing soon!

Dee said...

I use to buy fabric and patterns just because I liked them and was trying to build a stash. However, now I have a stash, one that is getting out of control, so I'm trying to be very intentional about what I buy. I have to have a specific project/use in mind for it. However, I do occasionally buy charm packs of newer lines, because they're not very expensive and I enjoy making Schnibbles quilts. This year I'm really trying to focus on finishing UFO's as well.

Sarina said...

I do all of the above, I think! I buy fabric cuz I love it and know the right project will come along someday, I buy pre-cuts in all sizes and shapes, I buy books and patterns that I mostly use for inspiration and a starting point. I just need more time to sew!

kathy said...

I usually buy with no plan whatsover in mind when it comes to fabric. Like you, I buy books because I like looking at them and actually prefer books to individual patterns. That does not mean i don't buy patterns. I love buying kits and will often buy fat quarter bundles of a particular line. I think I have a problem....

Laurie said...

I am always willing to buy fabric just because I like it, whether I have a plan for it or not. Given time, I will probably come up with a dozen different plans for it, anyway, so there's no lack of inspiration. Lack of follow-through, that's another story. I've been trying to pare down my stash to fabrics I would really, really like to use and let the other fabrics move on to new homes where they may see the light of day instead of lying hidden in a cupboard. It's an ongoing process...

Anonymous said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again--I think we are sisters and our parents have forgotten to tell us. I do it all, and my closets and bins are testimony to it.
Hope you are feeling better, and when you move back to LA, we will get together for quilt retreats.

Loretta in Louisiana

Charmaine said...

All of the above AND.....I have bought kits, etc. from quilt show vendors just because their booth is empty and they look lonely! I a sucker or what??? Vicki, I don't know you, but I'm so glad your recovery seems to be going well. Your blog is fun to read and all your fans out here really appreciate that you still blog even while recovering from a very big surgery. Thank you!

Sarah said...

Ummm let's see. I used to only buy fabric with a project in mind, but in recent years I've started buying fabric just coz I liked it. If I buy patterns I usually do buy them with fabric in mind. I tend to buy a whole range, like fqs or layer cakes. I've bought kits in the past, but now I prefer to choose fabrics myself. Hope this info helps!

Becky said...

The more I sew, it works best for me to purchase fabric for a specific project. That way I have the amount that I need. I will purchase half yard or one yard cuts of neutrals, blacks and shirtings. I have a "healthy" stash of charm packs and other pre-cuts. If I fall in love with a fabric line, but don't have a specific quilt in mind, I purchase 2 charm packs. I know I can make a Schnibble using the charm packs. Good luck!

Diane said...

I buy what I like when I see it, with no plan in mind. I have bought charm packs, jelly rolls and a layer cake but they have to be on sale. I buy books if they have more than one design I would like to make. I have oodles of patterns and I have discovered I'm ok with just owning them, I don't HAVE to make them. I know kinda weird but apparently I'm ok with it since I have had some patterns for 15 years that are still new in the bag. Now, lately the prices on patterns have followed the price of fabric and have gone through the roof. I refuse to pay $20+ for a pattern no matter how great it is.
I do make some tops with someone in mind, but I find I don't enjoy it as much a just making a quilt and then giving it away later. I find myself worrying if they will like the color choices or design so it puts too much pressure.
I love my stash. I have culled out any "what was I thinking" fabrics when we moved a few years ago. I buy what is on sale. I rarely pay full price. I like scrappy quilts so not having a whole line isn't an issue for me.