Friday, November 15, 2013


I started pinning the Nantucket nine patches to the plain squares, and there was a huge problem.

They were oversized on ONE side of the nine patch.  What?!!

How in the heck did that happen?

Oh, yeah, new machine...........

Remember when I was having such a hard time the first day I sewed on it?  That was a couple of Saturdays ago.  Well, I figured it out.

Thread was breaking.  Stitches were skipping.  I was poking buttons (I'm VERY good at that) trying to figure out what was wrong.  I must have moved my needle to the left at some point during all that poking.  About a third of them need to be trimmed - on ONE side. 

I've just gotten to the point in the stack that they're the right size.  Those were probably made after I got back from the sewing machine place and had figured out what was wrong.  I cleared the settings and turned off the machine so I could check the bobbin.  Everything corrected itself.

At first I thought I'd have to remake all the nine patches, but they're okay once they're trimmed.  The center square is, well, centered.

Sheesh ...... so much for that extra hour I had this morning to sew!

And note to self:  Clean your rotary cutter!


katie z. said...


pdudgeon said...

sounds like we're just about on the same step with different patterns!
I'll be squaring up my 9 patches tomorrow, and i'm hoping that i don't have too many to square up. I know there will be a few, but i'm hoping that step will go quickly so i can start sewing the many 9 patches into 25 larger 9 patches.

mascanlon said...

Made me laugh!! Sitting in Santa Clara after a fun day hugging granddaughters.

Thelma said...

Well at least that was an easy fix! Hope you're sewing away on Nantucket today. We're just the opposite, I get to sew during the week, you on the weekends! Hey to Penny!