Saturday, May 03, 2014

Checking In

It's been a couple of weeks since I've felt like blogging.  Things just seem to pile up on me, and if I can't do it on my phone, then it doesn't get done.

Health issues keep coming up.  I called my doctor and had a long conversation with him last week.  One specialist that he sent me to isn't a good fit.  He said he would step in and take control of these additional tests, etc.  It sucks getting old!

I pulled out a quilt this morning that needed a minor fix.  It didn't take but an hour so I don't know why I've put it aside for so long.  On to the next one that needs a fix.  On this one I managed to screw up an inner border and didn't realize it until I pulled it out to get to a quilter.  It's been just sitting for a few years.  I'm going to work on that one today.  It's a bright and happy Christmas quilt that I know I'll be happy to have done come December.

There are so many new quilts that I want to start, but I think it's smart to first get these off to be quilted.  There are maybe five or six.  I need to take inventory.  There may be more. No time like the present to just do it.

Market is in a couple of weeks and I can't wait to see what is shown there.  Carrie at Miss Rosie has been teasing everyone on Instagram with peeks at her new quilts.  I know there will be lots of fabulous fabric unveiled, but, honestly, I'm more interested in patterns at this point.  I have a feeling there will be some good ones from Me & My Sister, too.  There's a Minick & Simpson pattern I want to make from their new line when that hits the stores.  I'm always interested to see what Jaybird and V and Co. come up with. 

The one project I will dig into is something that will use up those low volumes I've been collecting.  I'm thinking about doing the Burgoyne Surrounded low volume quilt that a lot of you did a few months back.  Of course, something else may pop up that I'd rather make.  I need to stay focused here.  Once this stack is off to the quilter, then I'll make the decision.

I've been having horrible internet issues.   The provider has let me, and the others in this condo group, down for the past couple of years.  Workers are digging outside my front door now, and when I asked, they said they were laying new lines for Vios (?).  Penny doesn't like them out there at all!  I need to check with the management office to see what's going on.  Anything will be an improvement!  I can't wait to retire and move away from being a renter.  It was a wise decision not to buy again after I sold my house, but the wait for retirement is going so slowly.  That beautiful quilting studio is waiting for me!


Lynley said...

You know we all look forward to your posts whenever you write them! A dream quilt studio ... what a lovely thing to sit and think about :)

Darlene said...

I'm glad you've had a long chat with your doctor. Hopefully there will be results.

Can't wait to see what you're preparing to send to the quilter. Sometimes being focused is very over rated. LOL

Just enjoy, my friend.


Churn Dash said...

I had a sort of oops on Friday. I was tired of working on the quilt on the design wall, so I started another one!
I still have two that need to piece backs for, both need three panels ugh.

Mary said...

I hope you can get resolution to your health and internet issues and are able to start enjoying the things you love very soon. Take care!

Carrie said...

It sounds like you have a terrific doctor, one who listens and understands that there's more to being a "good doctor" than what they learn in medical school.

Minor fixes! I've had a shirt sitting in my work room for almost six months that only needs one single, lonely little button replaced. I finally got that done the other day... only because the button kept falling on the floor and I knew I'd lose it if I didn't replace it right then. ;)

Teasing? Moi? The "show" starts later this week. You'll get to see all the new Little Bites patterns for the mini charms first because those patterns will be done for Market. Then I'll show you the big quilt patterns, there are four of those coming but the patterns won't be ready until the first week of June. (I've got a few others part-way done, they won't go to Market but will be new patterns later this summer.) Then, finally, there will be some new Schnibbles showing up at Market... but those patterns won't be done until mid-June. ;)

I loved making the Tone it Down Burgoyne. It goes together easily, and much more quickly than you'd expect given all the pieces. So do it!

Sharon said...

You have been smart by setting building blocks for your retirement, you have a great foundation. Funny how those "fixes" only take a little time yet we put them off. Enjoy your Sunday

Mimi said...

I can understand setting something aside. I hate ripping out. Then once you set it aside, the job gets bigger and bigger in your head and that's why it sets so long. There have been many times I have finally gotten something out and said "that wasn't so bad, why did I wait so long". Oh well, it happens and you are doing it now so that is a good thing and you will feel good about it once it is done. Keep plugging away By the way, did you know there is an APP out there that counts down the days to retirement. I just loaded it on my phone. It's not moving very fast yet, but it will eventually. Happy quilting!

mascanlon said...

You know I have that low volumn quilt on my list for new starts this year....I just need to decide on what to go with it all. And I am happy to share pieces from my collection too.
Glad you talked to the dr, good to get him on the same page,
Busy weekend headed into a couple of crazy weeks through May. Probably no sewing going on except a bit of hand binding or hexies a couple of evenings.

karen @ badlandsquilts said...

I hope all the doctoring turns out well.

The constant struggle is always how long to spend on a project when you get stuck...sometimes it really is best for time and attitude and set it aside are return with fresh eyes. Good for you for following up. I wish my mind would not come up with so many is too quick for my sewing speed.

Have a good week.

Laura said...

You and I like the same pattern designers. :-)

Karen said...

I think retirement can't get there soon enough for you!

I too am anxious for market to be over so we can see what's new. I have been seeing some teasers and some interesting things on the horizon.

Sherrill said...

Verizon should be VERY happy with that!! Our neighborhood in Keller, TX was one of the first (if not THE first) to have it and it was GREAT!! You really HAVE had a lot to deal with health-wise..think if it'd been me, I woulda rolled over and cried "I GIVE UP!!"