Sunday, May 18, 2014

Dottie Progress

I'm still working on the Dottie blocks.

I think I have ten more blocks to go.  The small dots aren't as fun to work with as the large dots, but they are all colorful!  My goal in making these bright and fun quilts is to have a stash of them on  hand for gifts for younger folks.  I think this quilt totally fits that plan!

I had to be at work at 6:00 a.m. yesterday for first aid/CPR/AED training.  It was a very good course, and I'm happy to be certified in that, but I was so tired on the way home that I decided a nap was the first thing on the agenda.  The air quality here is so bad now, and I'm sneezing and hacking.  Okay, so I lost yesterday but I feel better today.  And hot -- Lordy, it's been hot.  It has been over 100 degrees on my way home almost every day.  Penny doesn't even like going outside in that heat.

Tomorrow is my 20 year anniversary with the company.  My late boss' wife invited me to dinner, so that will be fun.  Twenty years -- wow.  It's hard to believe I've been in SoCal that long.  I mean, after all, I was this cute young puppy when I moved here!  (rolls eyes)

Market was such fun to watch all the postings.  There are two or three quilts that definitely are on my to-do list now!  I'm constantly amazed at the brilliant and talented folks in this industry!


CitricSugar said...

Congrats on the big anniversary! That's a feat that happens less and less these days, which makes it even more a thing to be proud of - good for you!

Those dot blocks are going to be so cute.

katie z. said...

Congrats on 20 years! I hope you had a great day!

Carol said...

Congrats on 20 years... You were just a baby when you. Iced there. Love those blocks ...going to be one really cute quilt❤️

Nini said...

Congrats on the 20 years. And I know what you mean about hot and bad air quality, living in San Diego myself. At least I'm not very close to current fires, our area all burned up in 2003. But at least it makes me stay inside and work on quilts, I sure like yours and it gave me some fun ideas!