Wednesday, January 07, 2015

2015 Quilting Goals

I've been thinking about this for a couple of weeks.  I haven't set many new quilting goals in the past because of my work schedule.  Now is the time!

There are two quilts on my radar for 2015. 

The first is Austin Bluebird Sampler by Minick & Simpson.  This quilt blew me away when I first saw it for a couple of reasons.  First and foremost, it's Minick & Simpson, and everyone knows how much I love their fabric.  I don't know if I'm their biggest fan, but I'd wager I'm in the top ten or so!  The second reason is that I want to dip back into needle turn applique.  I was a fairly good appliquer before life got in the way.  It's time to embrace that love.

Laurie, I apologize for snagging this picture off of your blog ... sorry.  My cover picture is packed away in one of those mystery boxes out back.

This quilt is gorgeous.  I signed up for the Minick & Simpson BOM as soon as it was offered, but I haven't started it yet what with packing and moving.  I'm going to start with the couple of months of shipments I've received since the move, the pieced blocks.  As soon as I find my applique supplies (freezer paper, light box, the thread pack, the first shipments), then I can get started on the applique.  I'm really excited about this one.

The other quilt that I zoomed in on from the Market pictures is Brenda Riddle's Seedlings quilt with her new Ambleside fabric for Moda.

I just received all of her new patterns yesterday.  Brenda, *thank you* for the wonderful package and for rushing them out to me.  Again, this one has a touch of applique and lots of fun nine patches.  As soon as the fabric is available I'll start this one. 
The soft colors were my first love, and no matter how many quilts I make using more modern fabrics or the darker Civil War colors, these will always be near and dear to me.
On the UFO front, I have several that will get finished up pretty quickly once I'm set up in the new sewing space, the Cottage.  I have the James River Blues blocks all made and ready to assemble.  The Quick Curve Ruler quilt is also ready to assemble.  There are a couple of more that are in that same state.  I was waiting until I moved but I didn't expect to be delayed on the sewing .... those emergency room trips and wheelchairs and walkers certainly screwed up my unpacking schedule.  Hopefully in the next month things will all get sorted out and I'll be ready to sew away.
Of course, today I need to get ready for the 20 something degree weather they are predicting for tonight.  Jeepers, I'm eight or ten miles from the Gulf.  You wouldn't think it would get that cold here but it does.  I forgot that South Louisiana is seasonal.  Anyway, the downstairs heater in the Cottage is broken and a part is on order, but I don't think it will be fixed today.  So I have to make sure water is dripping, and the upstairs heater is turned up in the hope of warming the downstairs enough to keep the pipes from freezing.  And then there are those hundreds of faucets outside that need to be wrapped.  Okay, so I exaggerate when I say there are hundreds, but there are probably more than a dozen.  Last winter there was a faucet pipe that burst out back and spewed water for a week until the lawn service found it.  I want to try to avoid that this year if I can.
Too bad the bayou won't freeze.  Then I could add ice skating to my list of things to learn this year!
Kidding, just kidding!  Imagine clumsy me on ice skates.  I can't even walk downstairs without falling.  Heck, they'd have to reserve a permanent bed for me in ER and give me a private parking space right outside the entrance!
I wish everyone a Happy New Year, especially a healthy one.  Each new year gives me another chance to get it right, and I'm going to do my best to meet THAT goal this year!


Karen said...

I have been debating about the Austin Bluebird Sampler. I didn't know it was available yet.

Sherry said...

The quilts you plan on working on are beautiful.

Good luck with your plans.

I am hoping that 2015 shows a lot more "done" postings for myself; now just to find my discipline! LOL

karen @ badlandsquilts said...

Happy New Year! You have some great projects lined up.

Dondi Murdock said...

A woman in a quilting group I'm in had pipes freeze in her laundry room. She left her cold water dripping. Her plumber sadly looked at her with his head slowly going side to side, "That's what they all do. You've got to leave the hot water dripping. Not the cold." I hope this helps you. We have always left the cold water dripping, too, but so far we have never been caught! We now leave a portable heater turned on in our laundry room on the coldest nights. You have had quite enough trouble for this winter! Good luck with this freeze!

Mary said...

sounds like a wonderful plan. isn't it so nice to get back to the thing we love the most! Happy New Year!


Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Happy New Year...and lets hope they don't put a plaque on a bed in the ER for you!! Hope you are feeling well and getting around without the crutches anymore. I love the soft quilt pattern! Happy stitchin'!

Sharon said...

I have resistd the ABS sampler as I'm just 1/2 way through the Sacagawea sampler. Enjoy the seasons!

Laura said...

Looking forward to seeing the results of your Southern sewing!

Miss Jean said...

It was quite an education on winter survival when we moved here to Colorado. They have pipe insulation tubes for the outside pipes and foam like covers for the faucets. If it gets cold I have to leave any faucet on an outside wall dripping as well as leaving the cupboard or shower doors open. I love the snow, though.

I saw the picture previously for Brenda's Seedling pattern and asked her a question but she hasn't responded yet. Can you tell me how large the center applique block is? Thanks.

Vicky said...

Jean, I tried to email you but I couldn't get the link to work. I hope you see this.

The center block is cut 18" square and trimmed down to 17.5" square after applique and embroidery is done.

mascanlon said...

Oh such a temptress!I am not even considering Austin Bluebird Sampler, I dove into a handpieced mystery BOM by Jen Kingwell that is plenty over my head thank you! But Brenda's might tempt me. I am so glad you're getting back to normal and can't wait to hear and see 2015 in quilts!!

Darlene said...

First - please stay warm. It's really going to be cold. BRRR

Being excited about beautiful projects is a very good thing, Vicky. I'm excited for you!