Sunday, January 25, 2015

Moving Right Along

I've done as much as I can in the house for now.  There are a couple boxes that ended up there and should have been in the Cottage.  So they sit until I can get someone to move them for me.  Or a couple of people.  And a forklift.  Yes, it's fabric.  I'm also pretty positive that there are boxes in the back that should be in the house. 

One thing is I have way too many quilts. 

There are some with which that I will never part -- you know, my first quilt, first paper piecing, first applique, first whatever.  Then there are those that I've collected at auctions from such designers as Carrie Nelson, Brenda Riddle, Kimberly Jolly, etc.  Then there are quilts that I've received as gifts.  All of the above are in their forever home.

But there are those quilts that I made just because I wanted to use a color, a fabric line, try a pattern and/or technique, maybe go out of my box a bit, or just make it for the sake of sewing.  Had a ton of fun with all of them, but they won't ever be used by me.  Perhaps young folks would like the brighter ones.  I did find the box containing the two quilts that I made for Brenda Riddle's retirement home project.  I feel so badly that those haven't been quilted and off to her.  That's going to be Number Uno on my things-to-do list!  The backings weren't in that box -- the packer's fault because they were stacked together -- so I will search today for those.

Today I start tackling this.

I've opened some of them looking for things.  Those ones way at the top of the stack are books.  They're over my head.  Enter the forklift!  I should have looked more closely at previous pictures taken.  I've been searching and searching for my shredder.  Yep, there it is sitting on the mantle.

Those boxes were plunked down two months ago yesterday.  Now I'm able to get around without a walker and it's time to dive in.  Oh, wait, no diving.  No more trips to ER.  This will be a slow and steady process.

I went out there thirty minutes before sunrise to assess the situation.  I had to laugh out loud at my shadow heading back to the house.  Hair in a lopsided ponytail, pajamas, and a weird angle from the motion light behind me.  Looks like one of those funny mirrors at the carnival!

I have been sewing a bit on BOM packages that have arrived since my move.  More on that later!


Karen said...

Good to know that you are getting around better. And that you are beginning to find things and find a home for them somewhere in your new place.

Anonymous said...

There are so many organizations here in LA that can benefit from your generosity. I am inviting you to The Giving Quilt Show at the Lamar-Dixon Center in Gonzales, LA, Feb. 7-8. I will be there on the 8th. ALL of the quilts in this show are blessed and given away to different charities at the end of the show. Right now, we have over 500. You can read about the organization on the website, Hope to see you there.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you have a monumental task ahead. Have followed your blog for some time and all I can say is be careful of your shoulder and your back.

mascanlon said...

Be careful! No more accidents or back strains please. Next time you have some one over get the shelves put in those book cases and a box or two of fabric moved towards the storage closet. Slow but steady!! I am going to email Brenda so I can send off quilt I finished.

Kyle said...

Choir space is going to be so great when you get it all put together. It all takes time. You should find a few college kids who'do like to earn a few extra $ to help you life all those heavy things.

Darlene said...

I'm glad you're getting around much better, Vicky! Your retirement quality of life should be wonderful. :-)

Can't wait to see your space all organized and ready for many, many hours of sewing. :-)


Thelma said...

You have so much yet to unpack, but just a little bit of time working on those boxes adds up, don't over do!