Saturday, October 28, 2006


Nancy asked about our collections. I've collected darning eggs and wooden darners for years. Alex got me interested in textile bobbins a few years back, so those are also displayed around the house. Here's an example. Excuse the messy shelves. This picture was taken when I was unpacking books!


Hedgehog said...

I can't imagine what is messy about those shelves!

quiltpixie said...

what a wonderful collection

Nancy said...

That's a really cool collection. I'd never think to collect someting like that. Just not enough imaginatin. :-)

BTW, the shelves look pretty neat to me!

Screen Door said...

I love bobbins. I even have a couple to use as candle holders/

Tazzie said...

Your shelves look wonderful, not messy at all. Your collection is wonderful, a real piece of history. Thank you for sharing.

Sweet P said...

You have an interesting collection. I've never heard of darners before. What are they?