Sunday, October 22, 2006

Saturday's Adventure

It's so much fun exploring different quilt shops with Jane on the weekends. Yesterday we went down to Material Possessions in South Orange County. I forget what town it's in. I was way lost down there! LOL

That store is awesome. And, surprise surprise, there was a huge sale going on. All fabric was 20% off and books 15% off. I probably should have been shopping for a new camera instead, but this was more fun!

I was real good. It's amazing how that one month of buying no fabric has colored the way I think about purchases now. I only bought things I immediately need, or for the Freddy Moran quilt collection.

Picked up the background fabric for Alex's retreat - which is Nov. 9-12. Getting close now! And a yard of the brown TOT Chocolat for this quilt as well as an applique project in the organizing stages. I picked up a pack of WOW for my friend Sally. Jane and I split yard cuts of five or six black and whites. Two books, "Christmas Heart Lights" by Peddlers of Danville, and "Square Dance" by Martha Thompson. I found an old Pandolph BOM set of patterns for $24 in the deep discounted stuff on the second floor.

I also picked up a magazine that I had not seen before, "Designers' Quarters." Interesting concept - each article focuses on a new line of fabric, about the designer, and a pattern using that fabric. I probably won't buy another one of these magazines as the quilts weren't very inspirational, but I'm glad I got to check one out.

I could have done some serious damage in that place three months ago. I feel righteous today! LOL

I was doing some side-splitting laughter at Jane. First, she pealed out accidentally making a U-turn. You should have seen that Honda go!! ROFLOL. Then she let out the biggest squeal when she entered the book section and spotted a book for which she had been searching. I had fun relating Jane's "peal and squeal" to her DH at dinner. She's a hoot!

Today will be spent doing borders and backings. I'm determined to get the two quilts I need for Christmas off to Judy by Monday, Tuesday latest. I can do it!

I'm so excited about retreat coming up shortly. It's a wonderful opportunity to see old friends and make new ones. The retreat project is Alex's pattern, "Shades of Autumn." So I'll be making more leaves, some houses, and LOTS of HSTs. I might do some pre-cutting so I can get more accomplished at retreat.

Feeling 500% better except for a residual cough that seems to come on in the late evenings. A lot of folks down here are suffering through this crud. Jeanne, hope you're feeling better by now.


* The inspiration from visiting a new quilt shop.
* Crockpots
* Realization that I'm now settled and happy in my new world
* Fun with Skippy, Jane's Jack Russell terrier
* Daisy's love - slug that she is!


Angie said...

Your quilt shop trip sounds like it was loads of fun!! :D Glad you're feeling better.

Norma said...

It feels better to buy fabric when you have a plan in mind rather than "just because", doesn't it.

Darlene - Dazed Quilter said...

Nice to see a happy post from you! Hope the nasty cough dies away soon so you'll be back to yourself. I can imagine how excited you are about the upcoming retreat - you need that kind of fun!

Susan said...

Lake Forest! It's one of my favorite shops in California. I didn't make it this trip, but was there last summer. How wonderful that you got there in time for the sale. =)

I subbed to Designer's Quarters the first year. It's an interesting magazine.

Glad you are feeling better. Have fun at the retreat!

Mrs. Moody said...

Since I saw one of your gratitudes was your crockpot, I have to ask what you made. I am loving mine and we (hubby and I) use it all the time and need more recipes.

JudyL said...

Vicky, you and Jane are so fun. I love reading about the Adventures of Vick & Jane.

Gail said...

Sounds like a fun time.Hope the last of that cough is close at hand.

Pam said...

Material Possessions, I can't remember what the area is called by I enhanced their cash register one year when I went to a week long conference at Saddleback church. Fun shop with lots of character on the inside, on the outside you would never know it was such a wonderful shop.

Suze said...

Don't let that cough linger too long. You are going to have a grand time on your retreat. I am looking forward to seeing what you have to tell us when you return..........

Susan H. said...

I am just catching up on the ring after a couple of weeks. I would have loved to have met you while you were in LaPlace. I love to go to Mabile's the rare occasion I am actually in LaPlace during the week (work between offices in Hammond and Baton Rouge). Next trip home, we will have to make plans. I am eager to visit Gingers. I have been on their site several times and am eyeing some redwork patterns. My in-laws moved to Lafayette after Katrina, so next time we go to visit, or next pageant we have in that area, I AM going to make a side trip to Ginger's.