Saturday, December 30, 2006

Reflection on 2006

I say this every year, but I'm glad this one is over. Especially after yesterday at work.

Thought I'd try to recap my quilty year. I didn't get as much accomplished as I usually do, but I did some *important* quilts - gifts and helping Judy a bit. A lot of these still need quilting, but my part is done! :) Here's the piddly list:

- Lisa's quilt which still needs a name. Strawberry Fields? Nah ...
- Don's wonky leaf quilt. Guess I ought to give this one a name, too.
- Alex's 2005 retreat quilt
- Alex's 2006 retreat quilt
- Polka Dot quilt
- Judy's Dancing Bears
- Judy's floating nine-patch
- CA poppy string
- Around the Block

Other quilts in progress that were either begun or worked on in 2006:

- Dutch Treat blocks - hit the 100 mark. This may be a lifetime project!
- Jane's crumbs
- Red and white shooting stars
- Another quilt top that is 80% finished - a Judy design

I'm sure there are other things I worked on, but I can't remember now what they are. I know I spent a lot of time cutting strips to have them ready for next year's scrappy quilts. I also have two or three other quilts that are cut and ready to sew up, so that was a weekend spent cutting. I went through a period of a couple of months of not wanting to sew, and I also worked a lot on weekends this year, so I guess that explains why my list isn't longer. But I guess it's quality and not quantity that counts here. :)

One thing that didn't happen in 2006 is much stashbusting. I blame that mostly on the fact that the quilt shop closed and I "tried" to buy it out. I had small binges here and there at other quilt shops through the year, especially at Retreat, but really didn't buy as much as I would have had it not been for the blog ring. See? It worked!

I was going to post a picture of Daisy but Blogger says, "Sorry, we are unable to complete your request." Story of my life!

So, onward to 2007 - with resolve to enjoy this quilty passion to the fullest!

Happy New Year from Daisy and me!


Darlene - Dazed Quilter said...

Happy New Year to you and Daisy, my friend.

I'd say that your list of accomplishments is quite impressive - don't be so hard on yourself. :-) I'm anxious to see all your projects in 2007.

Patti said...

I'd say you accomplished quite a bit considering everything! The thing about setting goals is that it gets us going with something - and I think that's the important thing. It doesn't matter whether or not we accomplished all our goals - what matters is that we can look back upon the year and know we made good use of our time getting done what we did get done. After all, this isn't a race. I think we all quilt for enjoyment and therapy - I know those are two important reasons I quilt - and often the process is as important or even more important than the finished project.

Have a wonderful safe new year and we'll "see" you in 2007!

Sweet P said...

I agree with Darlene, you did get quite a bit done. I haven't listed my accomplishments for this year. I guess I should.

Here's to a Happy New Year with lots of quilting time!

Susan said...

Happy new year, hope it's a better year for you. Sounds like you did quite a bit of sewing this year, really. Just not as much as you'd like, probably

Samantha said...

Happy New Year to you!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!
I'm working on getting my act together again here :)
Hugs ~ Jeanne

Shelina said...

Happy New Year to you Vicky.
Your list of accomplishments is much longer than mine. You should be proud of yourself.

Nancy said...

Happy New Year to you and Daisy too! Yes I'm glad to see 2006 over with. Not one of my better years but there were good parts including the lovely friendships I've made with bloggers like you. I consider myself very fortunate to be able to call you "friend" and look forward to another year of stitching (and bitching!) together. :-)

Vicky said...

testing testing

Vicky said...
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