Saturday, January 06, 2007

1st Weekend Progress

In my online group, 1st Weekends in the past have been dedicated to working on Christmas projects. This year we expanded that a bit to include UFOs and also those lifetime projects that we never seem to find the time to work on any more. You know the ones .... Jane Stickles, Dutch Treats, etc. I had a couple of obligation things to get out of the way today, and this quilt top is one of them.

The new quilt shop owner asked me if I'd make a shop sample for them. Sure! These are gorgeous Daiwabo fabrics, but the beautiful, subtle colors did not photograph well. Also this was an opportunity for me to learn to use the Tri-Rec rulers. Those are really neat! I will definitely use them again. The pattern is "Tranquil Times" by Leisure Designs, Etc. I began cutting this quilt top out last Saturday. I have committed to Judy's hour a day of sewing, and I can really see how this will help me get some things done this year!

So tomorrow morning I'll piece the backing for this and make the binding, and then run to the shop to turn it in. Then home to work on a lifetime project! That ought to keep me busy for the rest of the day.

Road to California Quilt Show is in a couple of weeks, January 18-21. I usually take off the Thursday and Friday of the show, and host a group of ladies who drive and fly in. This year I will have no guests, and I don't believe I will get to take any time off. Of course, there's always Saturday and Sunday to attend, but it's usually so crowded that it's really no fun being there. But since it's the only quilt show that I go to, I guess I will fight the maddening crowds.

Jane and I spent a couple of hours browsing Barnes & Noble today. I picked up a couple of neat books. "Where Women Create, Inspiring Work Spaces of Extraordinary Women" by Jo Packham is a delightful book, crammed with ideas. Freddy Moran is one of the featured women, and her studio is awesome. Another book I bought is "Creole Thrift" written by Angele Parlange. I'm so happy that Jane pointed the book out to me. I flipped it open, saw the pigeonnier, and told her that that was Parlange Plantation. I didn't realize who the author was at that point. Parlange is a beautiful plantation in New Roads, Louisiana, right by the condo I owned on the river. Such a beautiful place with spreading, moss-laden oak trees. It sure did make me homesick reading through it. After a nice lunch, we came back to the house and chatted the afternoon away!

Oh, we also explored a teeny fabric store right by my house that I spotted last weekend. It's owned by a deaf gentleman, and is crammed with all sorts of fabric. There was quite a lot of older quilting fabric. I picked up a yard of the California state flower fabric that I missed when I started quilting, and also a yard of some "manly" fabric to make a pillowcase for a friend's husband.

Speaking of Road, I always have a plan when I shop - or at least something in mind while I'm browsing. This year I decided to look for woven plaids with folk art projects in mind. I haven't seen any in the quilt shops around here lately. I think it's more fun to visit the vendor booths when I'm on a mission. It keeps me focused! LOL

I really want to get back into blogging daily. Maybe with the hour-a-day commitment, I'll have some pictures to post!


~ The flickering fireplace. It just makes my little world so cozy.
~ Judy's settling in her new home!
~ Swiffer dusters.
~ Cutting and finishing a quilt top in one week!


Nancy said...

Wow you really are smoking if you finished that top from first cut in just a week! I really like the way it looks with it's very sublte coloring. Very striking.

Sweet P said...

The colors in the quilt are exquisite! I can relate to being extrememly busy at work. Right now I'm going through the same type of work schedule. You did have a lovely day just browing through B&N, sometimes you just have to do something like that to keep your sanity.

paula, the quilter said...

I'm making a run up to a quilt shop in another town today and want to see some of those Daiwabo Taupes. Would they make good applique backgrounds? I have several bolts of homespuns I purchased at a yard sale that I use for backings.

Darlene - Dazed Quilter said...

Yay, Vicky it's done! Woohoo! And, it very, very pretty. Now, on to something for YOU.

Gail said...

You certainly got a lot done in short order, and it looks great!! Now, you must show us what you did for you this weekend since your 'obligation' is out of the way.

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

It's pretty and will make a great shop sample! I just love it when my LQS has new samples to ooohh and ahhhh over! Last time I even asked them if they would please cut me a kit of one of the samples!



Susan said...

Interesting variation - love the fabrics. That was a fast quilt!

JudyL said...

Vicky, that is a beautiful quilt and I love the colors so if they look better in person, that's *really* pretty. I forgot how busy things get for you til April 15. Good luck keeping your sanity.

Judy L.

Shelina said...

You have been busy with so many things - being busy at work is always good, even if it is timeconsuming and stressing. Taking the time to shop with friends. And making that incredible quilt. I really like the colors - and i haven't seen the pattern, which sets off the fabric beautifully.