Sunday, January 07, 2007

Nancy's Birthday Block

Well, that took ten minutes! I love making these blocks. Nancy, I'll try to make a couple of more of them for you next week. Meanwhile, I'll get these mailed off to you tomorrow.

Today was a lazy day, but I managed to accomplish quite a bit. I pieced the backing for the shop sampler first thing this morning. I told them I would stash bust for the backing rather than pull fabric off a bolt at the shop. I didn't quite have enough of the one I pulled, so I pieced vertical strips of the leftover fabrics from the front onto the back. It worked! Stash depletion - 3 yards!

I delivered the quilt to Ginger's, and did a bit of looking around while I was there. There was a sale going on, so I picked up a little more white-on-white to enlage the red and white shooting stars quilt top I'm working on. I've decided not to make any more of those mid-sized quilts. I want everything to fit on my bed. Well, there are the appliqued projects that most likely will get hung on the wall, but lap/twin quilts are a no-no from now on!

I got the two file boxes out of the trunk of my car and spread them out on the living room floor in front of the fireplace. I said I would give it four hours, but finished the whole project in 2.5 hours. That will save me a whole day at work. I am interrupted so much that it's hard to string together that much time there.

My quilter neighbor and her mother dropped over for a visit. Thank goodness I had just picked up all the work stuff from the middle of the floor. We had a nice visit. I haven't seen them in a while.

I need to hang up some sweaters out of the washer, and then I think I'm going to hit the hay. I had a real productive weekend, and that feels wonderful! But another long week begins tomorrow so I'd best get my 'beauty' rest!


~ A weekend with a purpose, goals met and fully enjoyed.

~ A happy Daisy who got some people food tonight.

~ Full strip bins that are just itching to get used up!

~ NPR Radio


Carol said...

Wow Vicky...what a great weekend you had. It is so wonderful to get so much accomplished. have a great week.

Nancy said...

thank you, thank you, thank you dear friend for making these blocks for me. :-)

I find I take work home every few weeks when I start to get behind at work. I can get so much more done at home without the constant interruptions at work that it's worth cutting into my home time as long as it's not every day.

Jane Ann said...

Using strips made from scraps from the front is my favorite stretcher for the back. Often I do it even if I don't need to, just to give the backside a little interest.

A productive weekend feels good, doesn't it?

Mary said...

I love making string blocks! That's the only piecing I've done since the move and I was able to start making them once I found my sewing machine, iron, and my string bins.