Sunday, January 28, 2007

Applique Prep

I spent the day over at Jane's yesterday sewing. She's working on a gorgeous '30s quilt top made from triangles. She cut these triangles at our cutting day a couple of months ago, and I rescued her scraps from the trash can at the end of the day - and began the Jane's Crumbs quilt blocks! Her collection of '30s fabrics dates back probably 20 years. There are some awesome pieces in there! It's a beauty!
I decided to procrastinate one more day on cutting the Irish chain, and pulled out some simple applique projects instead. This one is an easy one and should be fun to work on when I need a break from sewing. This is as far as I got yesterday on prepping this block. And, naturally, I photoed it going the wrong direction! The pattern is "The Bundling Board," Primitive Pieces by Lynda. Only four blocks, so it should needleturn quickly.
I'm going to get off the computer and spend an hour picking up around the house and start laundry. I'd rather be stitching, but if I devote an uninterrupted hour, I should get it all done. Then I'm going to start a pot of spaghetti sauce simmering, and then I start cutting! I'm looking forward to a day of piddling today.
~ Jane's DH who takes us to dinner after a sewing day, and ever so patiently listens to our quilty talk and girl chatter!
~ Although overwhelming at times, lots of projects to keep my mind stimulated!
~ Dreary, overcast skies today. I love this kind of weather!
~ Sleeping in until 7:00 this morning
~ Listening to Daisy's dreams. She's makes the funniest sounds!


The Calico Cat said...

I can attest to the power of procrastination! but once you get started that one "should" go quickly. :o)

Darlene - Dazed Quilter said...

Vicky, that is an adorable pattern and I love the first block. I know that this one is definitely for ME. It has to be! Do you see me smiling sweetly and batting my eyelashes at you - aw please, you know it's for MOI. ;-P

Judy said...

Vicky, I'm so glad you have Jane there!

Do you want to send the Irish Chain fabric to me and I'll make it for you?

Judy L.

Owens Family Adventures said...

I love the days where I can just putz around the house too...ENJOY!!

Veronica said...

So nice to know someone else loves dreary, overcast days! Someone once told me, "days like this remind me of you!" I wasn't sure that was a

May Britt said...

Beautiful applique you have prepared. It is a beutiful pattern and a nice way to use your friends scraps. Have to look up this pattern somewhere !!

cher said...

sounds like a perfect day with Jane to me.