Tuesday, January 16, 2007

This is Really Hard!

Every day I drive into the garage, come into the house through the kitchen, and make a mad dash to the front door. Why? To collect the quilty packages from the doorstep that surely must have been left by FedEx or UPS or the post office. There is never anything there any more! A couple of wayward leaves, a worn out welcome mat, a limp door wreath - but never any packages!

I don't know about this no-buy resolution!

The last thing I ordered (since the Jan Patek middle-of-the-night-ordering fiasco) was five spools of Gutermann silk thread for my Dutch Treat blocks. And the package was so tiny that they put it in my mailbox. That was just no fun! I'm waiting for my Great Pumpkin BOM package to arrive, hopefully by this weekend, so at least I have one monthly package to look forward to.

All right, whose bright idea was this anyway? What smart-aleck decided that I had too much fabric and too many quilty things? Who removed the order poke button on my computer?

(Sigh) .... if you find me sitting in front of my computer, babbling incoherently at some quilt shop site, drooling out of both sides of my mouth -- just ignore me! I'm going through withdrawals!
Stash depletion count 2007 YTD: 30.75 yards! Tonight I packaged up 16 yards to send to ladies making wheelchair quilts for their retreat project this year!
~ Feeling okay about procrastinating on the boss' quilt. :)
~ Gigantic cashews from Trader Joe's
~ Loving this cool weather


May Britt said...

I think the mailman have forgotten me too :) LOL But I am on fabric diet now.

Nancy said...

I've been trying to stay away from internet shops ESPECIALLY in those 3-4am insomniac moments. (like now!) Instead I'm surfing blogs. But I have been getting squishees. Heartstrings blocks have started to arrive. Starting with yours. :-) Thank you so much for the blocks and the birthday card.

Gail said...

My Great Pumpkin arrived last night. I must say, I like the way they kit this up. The number and describe each piece of fabric so there is no doubt which piece to use-which is good, because some pieces are small and could be put in the wrong place and leave you without what you need. Being Megged is kind of like being Mugged - just nicer and in reverse!

JudyL said...

I'm still not quite sure if we've made the right decision not to buy, and to use the stash. It doesn't seem like it should be so difficult in so many ways if it's the right thing to do!

Maybe if we keep reminding ourselves if we use every crumb of fabric, we'll have so much fun restocking those shelves.

This stashbusting/no buy New Year is no fun at all!

Judy L.

Screen Door said...

Cashews are the best.....there should be a savings account for all the money you are saving...

Shelina said...

Your post had me laughing out loud. I try to stay away from all shops, and sometimes even avoid people who might tempt me to buy stuff.

I do love getting squishy packages in the mail though.

Sweet P said...

I got my goodie package from Fabric Depot the other day, but it will be my last package for awhile too. The only quilty packages I've been getting are nickel swap packages that I have to swap out this weekend.

Hang in there! We'll make it together.

Barbara said...

I know how you feel! I had some subsriptions to some magazines and orderd fabric, and had some swaps last year, so there was always something fun in the mailbox. But now nothing...feels so empty. *lol*

cher said...

glad to be here to support the withdrawals of not buying! It will get easier I assure you.

Susan said...

I feel your pain. =) What you need is a new hobby, so you *have* to order new things! LOL!