Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Pondering the Next Project

Because I had to sew something tonight, I made two more blocks for Nancy's birthday! These are so much fun!
I'm trying to decide what to work on next. I've got one more obligation quilt to make, and I guess I need to get started on that. Or I could grab one of those UFOs that just need a backing pieced and do that. Or I could work on the White Christmas applique blocks. I'm just too tired to think right now. I know! I'll finish up the quilt top from Alex's retreat. It's probably 90% done. Yeah, that's what I'll work on next! :)

I found out the kind of dog my new neighbor has. It's a Labradoodle. A pretty dog, but strange - very strange. I'd say he's a couple of years old and real frisky. But the strange thing (and I've only had one male dog so maybe there are things about boy dogs that I don't know) but he uses the bathroom like a girl dog. I was wondering why there are all these big yellow spots of dead grass by my front door because Daisy doesn't frequent that area. I walk her straight to the walking path before she's allowed to sniff around. I finally saw the whole thing on Sunday, so that 'splains a lot! Is there any way to tactfully ask them to walk 30 feet more to the walking path? I've already "asked" her to please keep her dog on a leash after he scared the bejeebers out of Daisy and me one morning when he came tearing around the corner and jumped all over us. And I've already had the condo management reseed the grass there after the last neighbor dog moved out. Maybe I'm being way too picky. I don't know. I would just like a nice area for my guests to see when they walk to my front door.
It was hot here today. I hear it's supposed to cool off on Thursday. I hope so, as I'm still waiting for our ten minutes of winter here.
~ Breakfast for dinner. Comfort food!
~ Driving right past the Dairy Queen at lunch even though I really wanted an ice cream cone!
~ Paula Deen's "Quick & Easy Meals" magazine
~ A new 'green' candle


Darlene - Dazed Quilter said...

You could be working on something for Moi. :-)

Hugs! LOL

Carol said...

You are not being too picky...neighbor dog issues drive me nuts. There is a lady 3 houses down from me that walks 2 little dogs...one on a leash and the other she thinks stays right with her. The other morning I came out of the house with my boys (95 pounds each) to go for a walk and her little dog came charging and barking across the street, up my driveway at us. Thankfully my boys were good, think this little thing scared us all and we just backed up into the door again. She never said a word. Just kept calling this dog. YIKES! Drives me nuts and she never puts this one on a leash. She and my husband have had words as well. She doesn't get it. I called animal control and they are sending her a letter about the leash law. Maybe she'll get it.

The Calico Cat said...

Those "doodles" sure are something else... (Expensive mutts as my vet refers to them...) Good luck...

Thanks so my for Mentioning Paula Deen - I need to go get Rachel Ray's recipe from last night - I am actually going to try her 30 minute goulash....

joyce said...

I think your neighbour needs to be spoken to. Who wants their sitting area to be ruined by dogs. It's not as if you let your own dogs do that.

Shelina said...

Some neighbors don't know anything about respect. Our neighbors let their pit bulls run loose in the street. It took a couple of warnings from animal control before they finally got it that they meant business. Now if only they had leash laws for the teenagers!

Judy said...

Vicky: They used to make something that you spray that's supposed to keep dogs away. It might also kill the grass but if it's going to die anyway, what do yu have to lose? Then you could just carry Daisy across that part of your lawn. There are so many irresponsible parents (human and pet parents).

I hope today isn't too bad at work and when you get home, you find a little energy left to sew for at least a few minutes.

Judy L.

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

I just love Paula Deen's recipes!!! Yummy and simple. AND - I'm the youngest of 7 and when Mom was tired we all enjoyed pancakes for supper - nothing wrong with that!