Saturday, March 31, 2007

Fabric Depression 2007

Well, I fell off the stashbusting wagon big time this week. I had a middle-of-the-night, poke-the-order button frenzy. I remembered ordering from the FQ Shop the next day, but ((yikes!)) you should have seen the size of that box. I had to shove it in the house with my foot last night. I couldn't even lift it!

That did it. I was chatting with some online friends about being so angry with myself, and one of them suggested another depression month. April? May? I choose May because I'm going to be working so much in April that I won't be tempted. May will be challenging, though. That's what I need. A conscious decision not to buy whatever is in front of me! So for me May is a no-buy month.

The depression month in August worked wonders for me. But it's kind of 'wearing off' right now. It's like that booster shot you need every so often. You'd-a-thunk that trying to get everything into the stash room would have done the trick, but it didn't. It just put fabric out of sight - and I guess my poor, feeble, pea-sized brain equated that with needing more. I swannee, I AM going to need an 18-bedroom house if I don't stop this right now!

And the funny thing? The wee bit of sewing I've been doing lately has been on crumbs and scraps. That's not even stash busting. I've sent out 51 yards of fabric so far this year, but I'm doing nothing else to bust the stash. Instead I'm concentrating on those itty bitty pieces that should have gone in the garbage. It's a sickness, I tell you, a real sickness!

If anyone is so inclined to join me, I'd be delighted. Mom said that if you hold hands and do things together, they don't hurt so badly. But I don't think this will hurt at all, even if I have to go it alone.

Wait, when is Market? NO, NO, NO, NO -- I don't care how much pretty new stuff comes out. I am NOT buying it!


~ Friends who remind me when I slip and fall
~ A real slip and fall that, thankfully, only resulted in a sore wrist
~ Enjoying this weekend because it will be the last one off until April is over
~ Taxes being done tomorrow (crossing fingers here; I think I'm okay)
~ Daisy hugs


Darlene - Dazed Quilter said...

Oh, Vicky I feel your pain! Why, oh why do we need it ALL? I'm not sure I can join you in May - I'm not strong enough (LOL)but I'll be a huge cheerleader!

I have a stash busting idea for you - make a quilt for ME!
(OK, I'm ducking and running)


Patti said...

I'm with you! I was doing SO well - and then I spent four days in Momma Made It's basement! So I'm definitely back on the wagon. I do disagree with you on one thing however - I count all my scraps, strings, crumbs and cut bits and bobs as part of my stash. After all, it is fabric and it does take up space in my room. And why should you have thrown them away if you didn't want to - after all, they cost the same amount per yard as your big pieces. So count all that scrap sewing as stashbusting - I certainly am!

Nancy said...

I've had some pretty big temptations lately that I've been able to overcome but just barely. So I think I just might join you again in May. I do have some stuff I need to purchase to go with the batik quilts I've been cutting but those will be purchased in April. The only reason I might not be able to join is my Aunt has said she wants to come for a visit in the next couple months. And if she comes I know we'll go fabric shopping so I'm giving myself a "vacation" out just in case. Okay?

Sweet P said...

I haven't purchased fabric "just because" since last fall. Any fabric I have purchased has been used right away. I've been saving for my shop hop in May.

I'll cheer you on through your Fabric Depression.

Kim said...

Remember this, Vicky?: "But the good news is that I've been to the LQS twice in the last week and walked out with nothing." Don't be so hard on yourself! Go finish some of those projects you said you needed to finish to feel creative again. Enjoy life! Gee, does this make me an enabler?! LOL! Well, I DID stop at an LQS today and bought some fabric, so maybe I need to justify it! LOL!

Hanne said...

I am with you on the Fabric Depression Vicky! I am including April too, just to be on the safe side :-)

Hanne said...

PS. I do count scrap sewing as stash busting too, just like Patti :-)

Morah said...

I will join you in May! I have been on a no buy kick also. I did "fall off" last week. I bought brights to make placemats for summer. I don't have brights in my stash. I refuse to feel guilty as this has been my first purchase since Jan. Maybe a reminder in late April..........

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I understand, I've walked in your shoes. I contend there are worse things than this 'sickness' though; think of this as therapy.

cher said...

love playing with the small pieces-as Patti said, you paid for them too. April is more my power sewing month-with two large quilt deadlines and a third right behind those! but, May also will need power sewing time-so consider yourself having company for that Vicky.

ForestJane said...

I certainly applaud your efforts! Do you have it all sorted by color or type? (Floral, solids, flannels, brights?) Is most of it FQ's or yardage?

I haven't bought any since December, but I'm actively searching for those two prints I just blogged about, for border, so if I find them, I'll buy a couple of yards. :)

Karen said...

Love the booster shot metaphor: too true too true.