Monday, September 03, 2007

Hometown Christmas Section 1

Yesterday when I was done with the gingerbread men, I decided to go ahead and do some cutting on Hometown Christmas. But once I have things cut, it's hard not to sew on them. Miss Bernina was real excited because I turned her on! But she let me know she was tired when she used up all the bobbin thread! All of my bobbins were empty! LOL. Time to head to bed.

There is a list of Hometown Christmas folks in Kim's sidebar. Has anyone else started?

So I'm done with my commitment until September 15th! For once I didn't procrastinate. Amazing!

I really enjoyed myself yesterday. I sewed on whatever suited my fancy! Both Christmas things! I had no TV on, no radio. All quiet on the homefront, except for Daisy's snoring. It gave me a chance to ponder things a bit and reflect on the last year.

Last year this time I was worried sick about Don and Gail, and was scheduling my trip home to see them. Their house had burned in August and they had removed debris and started the rebuild.

Last year this time I was really stressed, not only with their sadness, but with work stuff.

Last year this time I was coming off of fabric depression month. I was good for a long time after that, but, boy, have I fallen off the wagon again. Maybe I need to check into one of those celebrity rehab centers to cure my addiction! Oh, wait, those don't work! LOL

Last year this time I was really wanting to get back into my applique. It took a while for me to do that, but I'm glad I did.

Last year this time my house was clean and now it's messy. I've decided I can't sew and be neat at the same time!

Last year this time it wasn't quite so hot.

Last year this time I was fretting over the giterdun fabric. A year later I'm fretting over the borders. Guess not much headway made there. :(

Last year this time I was happy. Now I'm happier.


Darlene said...

Off to a good start! Good for you.

I'd say it's been a good year!

BTW, when you check into one of those celebrity rehab centers don't forget to take along your sewing. LOL

* * Kristie * * said...

Section 1 looks good! It sounds like you're in a better place this year than last :)

mar said...

the section looks awesome! this year I'm happier for you!

Yvonne said...

Looking very good. I like that you are happier this year!

I haven't started mine yet....hopefully a little later today.

Jeanne said...

Hmmmm, I like this comparison. Hugs for being happier this year!!!
Those gingerbread men are cute!
Stay cool ~ Jeanne

Kim said...

Yes, but did you have groceries in the house last year at this time?! ROFLOL! Nice job, and I see I have more to read about--trying to be teacher's pet or something? Well, we don't have a teacher! LOL!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

HI!!! Just popping in to say hi and tell you, just wait till I get home to my machine I'm buzzing by all of you!!!!! LOL!!! Gifts are coming for being tardy already on my blocks.

Marcie said...

Miss Bernina was excited because you turned her on? Oh Vicky! What is going on in your sewing room?