Saturday, September 01, 2007

Errand day!

Dip & clip at 8:00. Check!
Oil and filter change at 10:00. Check!
Car wash .........X X X X X X. Tomorrow.
Market ........ X X X X X X. Maybe after dark.
It was 94 at 7:45 this morning on the way to the hair salon. It was 100 on the way home a bit ago. High today in my town is predicted to be 106. Enough errands for one day!

I chuckled again that I have the weather so much in my blogs. It reminded me of all Dad's letters when I went off to college. Every single letter talked about the weather! And call my brother and we have a weather discussion right off the bat. It must be in our genes and chromosomes!
I figured out my confusion on the borders for the gingerbread men wallhanging last night, and appliqued one of the three men down. I was really engrossed in a Diana special and was just stitching away. This morning the first thing I thought of when I woke up was that I had forgotten to put the rickrack on the blasted thing. So I'll be unstitching part of it today and adding the r'rack. Sheesh!

Now to change into something more comfortable - and then try to round up this quilty stuff into my sewing room and stash room. I wonder if I could rent the condo next door, too. Hmmm...


mar said...

wow you've been busy! I wanna see this wallhanging, it looks so cute!

Darlene said...

These cute little guys are for me??? Yes????



Yvonne said...

LOLOL......I can't believe that Darlene beat me to it. They are really cute...I love gingerbreadmen decorations.

Kim said...

Vicky, did you make it to the market? Because I'm a little worried about those gingerbread men if you didn't! LOL! Yes, I would also like to know what you're making with those guys. They look awful cute! Did you notice, though, that they also don't have eyes or a lot of other body parts? I think they might be missing a little more than rick rack! ROFLOL!

Erin said...

those gingerbread men are just adorable! They can bake outside yes? Keep cool!

cher said...

hope you made it to the market and got A/C !!! our weather has cooled a bit, so it gave me lots of energy to get things done! looking forward to seeing more of the gingerbread men!

Nan said...

Love the gingerbread men!! I am looking forward to seeing them with their rick rack. It's gonna be sooooooo cute!!