Thursday, August 30, 2007

B-I-G Box!!

It was like Christmas tonight! I forgot what I had ordered from The Fat Quarter Shop, and this was fun to open! But 17 lbs! Yikes!

Jelly rolls of Madeira and The Hamptons, backings for a couple of quilts, Moda U's kit this month using the Allspice Tapestry line, some yardage, a pattern ........ fun, fun, fun! Everything is always so wonderfully wrapped and packaged! It truly is like opening a present!

This heat is really taking its toll on me. 104 today. I had to get out in it twice, and my glasses steamed up when I got in the car both times. Good thing I don't wear them to drive! Everyone at work today was talking about the rain and lightning and thunder last night. I'm sorry I slept through it because I don't think I've heard thunder for a couple of years. I love the rain. I don't even care if it's real stormy rain. I love it. Always have, even back home where it rained almost every day. I just think there's something soothing about listening to rain.

Just one more day to wade through before the long weekend. I don't even know what I'm going to work on, but I do want to spend one day working on the giterdun borders. I need to get that thing out of my life! I guess I need to get organized on the Thimbleberries Hometown Christmas project, and I'm sure there will some appliqueing going on. But whatever else I do this weekend, I must buy food! Jane baked up a batch of my favorite peanut butter cookies, and my dinner for the last two nights have consisted of three cookies and a bottle of water. Man does not live on cookies alone! Well, he might! But I shouldn't!

I'm off upstairs to snuggle in with my new DVD of "Steel Magnolias"!! Thank you, Jane!!


~ A/C is on the top of my list today!

~ A good, productive day at the office.

~ Deciding my next applique project!

~ A/C! Did I mention that already?


Beth said...

Wow! Seventeen pounds! That's a lot of stash! I love ordering from them too. I was browsing their website the other day and had to restrain myself. Lots and lots of pretty stuff.

Hope to see you at the next applique class, for sure!

loulee1 said...

Oh boy, that is a lot of stash! I'm waiting on a parcel from them too. :-)

Carol said...

17 pounds...girlfriend you get the prize! What a fun package...I was on Kimberly's site yesterday and almost "Added to the Cart" but then I gathered my wits and shut off the computer...Whew! I'll probably go back today :)

Yvonne said... go girl! I was there yesterday and put stuff in my cart too. Those holly jolly and scaredy cats collections are calling out to me. I'm giving myself a little time to mull it over. :)

Elizabeth said...

17 pounds of fabric sounds like heaven!

Laurie Ann said...

I love the rain too. We had a little last night and now it smells like fall. Yum!!

Darlene said...

17lbs - wow - but you didn't show us everything!

Judy said...

17 pound! What a haul! Sounds like you go great stuff!!

Gail said...

Sounds like giterdun will become gitumalldone! What fun!

Kim said...

Happy weekend! It's here! Best you get sewing and use up some of that stash since you're apparently adding to it! But what a treat to come home to!