Saturday, August 04, 2007

Testing the Picture Thing

Hey, it worked - sort of. This is from Picasa. I've got a lot to learn about -- well, about everything, but this is was good as it got at midnight last night.
Might as well talk about this picture since it's here and I may never be able to put another one up. These are the first two blocks from Bunny Hill Designs' "All Things Christmas." The angel still doesn't have a face, and the embellishments will go on after its quilted. And the two blocks aren't sewn together yet. I'm actually doing this BOM as they come in. Amazing - especially in view of the gazillions of BOMs I've collected for the past few years. Kimberly at The Fat Quarter Shop did a fantastic shop of putting this BOM together. I've become a real fan of her shop. Sort of like my QuiltMobile ad line, "The ultimate shopping machine!"
I should have taken a better picture. Matt hooked up with me remotely last night and downloaded the Picasa software for me. I don't know what's wrong with my HP picture software. I'm getting all kinds of error messages and it just shuts down. So I uninstalled it last night and reinstalled, which I thought would surely take care of the problem. Nope. So I gave up and started playing with Picasa. An online friend helped me this morning figure out how to crop and rename the picture. I just threw these blocks down on the floor and snapped a quick picture so I would have something to practice on. Didn't plan on actually getting something up here. LOL. So excuse the wrinkles and wonky picture.
That's why Mom said you should never wear your slippers to the market. What does that have to do with downloading pictures? Nothing. But I've bored myself silly talking about that subject, and I'm sure my blogger friends are even more bored.
But about those slippers -- I grew up in a small town and you couldn't even go out in the morning to get the paper without seeing someone you knew. When I moved to SoCal, I figured I wouldn't have that problem. I did, and I already blogged about that. But last weekend I went over to the brand-new Albertson's in the brand-new shopping center which is off of a brand-new exit off the freeway right by my house. I debated about getting some decent cloths on before I went over there, and decided I'd better because you never know. Sure enough, I had been in the store about five minutes when I heard, "Vicky?" I turned around and there was the CEO's wife. Turns out she loves that brand-new store and drives all the way over by my house to shop there. Good thing I didn't have on my slippers, huh? LOL.
The prize drawing will be today when Jane gets here. She gets to do the deed. I've already boxed up everything, so the prize winner will have to snap a picture if she/he wishes to. Thanks to all who commented, and good luck to everyone!
And speaking of prizes -- I got Darlene's pincushion in the mail last night. It's adorable. I'll post a picture later. That is, if I can replicate what I did to get this one up here! LOL. Darlene, thank you!!!!! It's gorgeous, and absolutely my favorite colors! You are a perfect sweetie!!! Thank you thank you!
Yesterday was one of THOSE days! So I thought maybe a hormone shot would cure all that ails me. I had to go to the clinic to pick up a physical. Might as well get one while I'm there. Wouldn't you know it ... I got the brand-new nurse lady. It took four sticks and calling in her supervisor before those hormones got where they were supposed to be. All I wanted to do when I got home was put an ice pack on my butt! I know Kim will come up with something suitably smart-alecky in her comment! Go fer it, Kim! I actually laughed through the whole debacle - it was one of THOSE days, after all!
I'm about two-thirds done with the second pumpkin block. I love pumpkins, so this one is a lot of fun.
That's it from the home front. I must straighten up this joint before Jane gets here. I know she certainly doesn't mind quilty clutter, but there's a limit!


Yvonne said...

Very nice block.....Do I get an A for my comment or do I win a prize?

Yvonne said...

Ohhhhhhhh....sorry to hear you got poked so many times. I won one of Darlene's pincushions too...I just love it. The Fatquarter shop is one of my favorites too...excellent quality and great service. How can you beat it. Can't wait to see your pumpkin block...I did pull out mine.

Anonymous said...

Your Christmas quilt is coming right along, very pretty. Sorry you're having such grief with your camera and software. It's amazing that things can be working just fine on a computer, and all of a sudden you start getting all these weird things happening. Mine was doing that the other day, all of a sudden the printer didn't want to work, and the camera card all of a sudden didn't want to be recognized in the printer, etc. etc. Usually a computer restart fixes all of that, thank goodness, so I feel your frustration.

Darlene said...

Just 'OUCHIE' that's all I'm going to say about the shot! :-)

I'm glad you got your pincushion and like it. Enjoy!

We need to talk - you MUST stop posting that BOM - you've got to stop. I love it and am refusing to buy it. AARRGGHHH However, if you keep posting pictures you're gonna force me to buy it! grrrrrrr


Kim said...

I love Anne Sutton's Bunny Hill Designs--they're all so tempting! The only thing that doesn't tempt me to poke a few buttons and order All Things Christmas is that I'm still working on my version of Rabbits Prefer Chocolate. Same deal with that one--embellishments come later, so it seems a little odd sometimes. Now would I be the smart ass Kim that you're talking about in connection with your injection debacle? Nah! The story cracks me up though! LOL! As does the slippers in the grocery store and the boss's wife story! I have a hard time leaving the house without make up and my hair fixed, so I know what you mean. Oh, gosh, that reminds me--I'll have to tell the story of my thigh high leather boots sometime. Oh, and tell Jane to pick ME, ME, ME! You know I'll take good care of and appreciate any packages that come my way! LOL!

Rabbit Stitchings said...

Your Christmas Quit BOM is sure coming a long nicely! That is sure a pretty quilt!

Okay for the record, you are without a doubt a better human than I am, I give them one shot at my vein when they have to draw blood, I tell them up front I am a very hard stick but you only get one try lol...been told use the littlest needle you have(no pressure you know) are super human giving them that many sticks girly!!!!

sharon said...

I love that BOM. It's beautiful. Can't wait to see the whole project done. It's gonna be great.