Monday, August 27, 2007

Hometown Christmas Challenge

Knowing that Kim over at is a Thimbleberries fan, I mentioned to her that I had unearthed the Hometown Christmas kit from the bowels of my bedroom closet. She said she had it also, hidden somewhere in the dark recesses of her studio.

Then Sharon over at admitted she had it, too.

So Kim suggested that the three of us hold hands and do it together. Kim mentioned it on her blog a few days ago, and discovered others who wanted to do it with us. I've have a couple of folks email me about joining in.

The rules are simple. We start on September 1st, and must do one section by September 15th. Then the next section by September 30th, and so on. Two sections a month. That's very do-able!! Check out Kim's blog for the specifics. This is going to be fun, and it's a way to eliminate just one more of those kits clogging up my stash room!

Oh, one more thing. Although Kim may be the fearless leader on this project, Sharon is already cracking the whip! Man, it hasn't even started yet, and she's already harassing me!! :)

Join in if you can!!!

Welcome aboard the Hometown Christmas train!

EDIT: Last night I found one set of these books on sale at I also saw at least one full set on eBay - I'm sure there are others out there - if you're interested and want to do a little searching for them.


Fabric Alchemy said...

Oh this looks fun. Anyway to get the project if you don't already have it?

Kim said...

Wait a minute! You didn't mention anything about bowels to me! Yuck! LOL!

Darlene said...

I'll be here cheering all three of you on! Now get started!

Mary said...

Nothing like a little support (competition?) to get it done!

Carol said...

Surprisingly I don't have that pattern so I'll cheer you gals on! I love it!

JudyL said...

Don't have it but I'll surely cheer you all on to victory. It's a beautiful quilt.

mar said...

another cheerleader here, hmm we need a special cheer!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

I didn't agree to anything that messed with my bowels!!!! Quilting is one thing bowels!!!! LOL
I'll be a bit behind on that date we set to be finished with the first part. Does that mean I am penalized???? Kim, do not answer that.

Vicky said...

Sharon, since you're behind already, you owe everyone else in the group a huge and expensive present! LOL.