Saturday, August 18, 2007

Slug Day!

And, boy, did I need it! I actually slept until after 7:00 this morning! Gasp! I know! Haven't done that in eons.

Finished the third pumpkin block. I have to embroidery the stem caps on Blocks 2 and 3, but I can do that later. Fixing to prep the third block of All Things Christmas. (Chuckle here - Jane hates it when it say "fixing"!)

That's the problem with appliqueing. I applique in spurts because once I start, I don't want to turn on the sewing machine. Okay, tomorrow I sew!

Speaking of sewing machines -- well, sort of speaking of sewing machines, check out this new gadget that's coming soon to the Fat Quarter Shop. The SideWinder!

I usually load up about a dozen bobbins at a time, but darn it if I don't run out right in the middle of something important. That means unthreading the machine to wind bobbins. Voila! I can't wait to get one of these. Best invention since the rotary cutter!

I was invited to dinner last night with Ginger, Linda and Jane. We had a great time. We went to the Macaroni something. I forgot the name of it! LOL. But it was fabulous. I had the twice-baked lasagna. It was enough for three people, so guess what I'm having for supper tonight.

Don and I talked for an hour today. He's had the second cataract surgery, and is just amazed at how clear the world is now. He said the only problem he has is he still puts on his glasses out of habit, and can't see a thing through them. LOL. Gail is still in the cast on her arm. Did I mention they were in a car accident three or four weeks ago? She said her chest is feeling better now, too. It was so sore after the accident that she could hardly breathe. No broken ribs; just lots of bruises. There's one spot in a breast that still has a really sore spot and she feels a lump. She thinks it's just from the seat harness, but she's going to have a mammogram next week just to be safe. It's their turn for some good luck. He's carefully watching the Hurricane Dean news, although if it stays on its present course, they won't be affected by it.

The blogger picture button doesn't seem to be working today, so I'll get a picture of the pumpkin block posted another time.

Yawn! It's 2:30 in the afternoon, and I feel like I could take a nap. Hmmm, maybe I will!


cher said...

hip hip hooray- I am caught up on reading your blog-all 18 to 19 posts :-)...great going on your current applique blocks Vicky and sorry I missed posting to be a winner on your 300th post lol. I think being a slug is a very good way to recharge your batteries. I like the side winder-I discovered an industrial one similar to this-not nearly as cute however! and have added it to my must have soon list. Much handier to have a separate winder by far.

JudyL said...

I didn't know they were in an accident. Goodness . . it is time for some good luck for them. That little side winder looks nice.

I'm so glad you've had a restful day!

Did the books arrive yet?

Kim said...

I was wondering where you were! I checked in this a.m. and no new post. Lollygagging around in bed--good for you! Macaroni Grill is where you ate--and if you haven't eaten there yet, try Pasta Pomodoro--my favorite restaurant! There's one not too far from you, I think. They have a website where you can check. So now you're trying to meg all of us into buying the Side Winder, huh? Cute and very handy to have! Enjoy the rest of your weekend. I'm sure you'll be busy fixing to work on the gitterdun borders, right? LOL!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Kim is trying to get you to go to her favorite place now huh?? She should get commission for that one. LOL!!! Just kidding Kim.
Macaroni Grill is yummy. Can't wait to see your finished blocks.
Is 7a.m. late to get up?? Lordy I'm in trouble. I am not yet breathing at 7a.m. LOL!!!
By the way my hubby always made fun of me for saying "fixing" for years. Now he knows better!!

Rabbit Stitchings said...

Ok now, fixin is a word and so is gonna LOL, well it was where I grew up and it is in Texas lol,

The bobbin winder is a wonderful little invention, I think I may need one of those!

ahhh 7 a.m., if my feet hit the floor at that time of day its only because my alarm was set and I was being forced from my bed for some reason!