Saturday, August 11, 2007

Strings for Judy

Okay, I know we're supposed to be using our stash on this one, but I walked in Ginger's last night and these batiks had just come in. They were just sitting on the counter. I mean, what's a gal to do!
I love batiks and have a lot of them, but none of them in these wonderful colors. Most of mine are more fall colors. So I picked up a focus and some quarter yard cuts, and I'm all set to make a string quilt for Judy's August challenge. I'll send this one to Judy, along with a few bucks for batting and postage. Thank you, Judy, for taking on yet another project like this! You're da bomb!
This week was a good one. Lots of things were accomplished, although little on the quilty front, and I felt good when the week ended.
One thing that happened and that I'm real excited about is the new Applique Club at Ginger's. Back in May or June, I mentioned to Ginger that I wished the shop had an applique group. She said to give her a proposal. Huh? Well, that sounded like a challenge to me! LOL. So I did, and she went for it. The group will meet for now the second and fourth Thursdays of the month from 6-9 p.m. This Thursday was the first meeting, sort of a meet and greet. There was a good group of all skill levels. Ginger says since this was my bright idea, that I had to get it started. So I brought some appliqued quilts and tops, gathered up notions that might be of interest to them, and stepped into it. The meeting went really well. There's an adorable 12 year old child named Katie, and her mom who both want to learn to applique. Katie is an accomplished embroiderer, so this is the next step for her. Betty is an advanced appliquer, and the rest of the group ranged from advanced beginner to advanced intermediates.
I have new respect for quilt teachers! I was SO tired when I got home. I talked for three hours -- that was hard! Quit laughing! It was! But everyone seemed really interested in what I had to say, so they actually listened! There were lots and lots of really good questions that, hopefully, I was able to answer. The last 45 minutes we all went out into the shop and looked at patterns, fabrics, notions.
It was really funny in class because I said that instead of picking out a solid, flat color for their applique, they should choose something with movement. Someone asked me what I meant by that, and I just happened to have a dozen or so FQs I had pulled to demonstrate what I meant. :) FQs that read as a solid but that were either TOTs or that had some small design in them. Well, when we were out in the shop, I stood back and listened to what each little group of them were discussing. Everyone was talking about movement .... and saying things like, "Does this have enough movement? No, no, that one doesn't have enough movement; this one has more movement." So I guess if nothing else comes from this group, at least they'll look at fabric a little differently!
A fun thing I thought I would do, at least for the first meeting or two, was to have FQs that would be given as prizes to those who had a show & tell or who asked a question. I just wanted everyone to get involved in this group. So I decided that whoever asked me this one particular question that I've been asked every single day for the entire 13 years I've been in SoCal, that they would win the first FQ of the night. I talked for a few minutes, and then asked if there were any questions - and that there was one particular question that I fully expected to be asked. This lady raised her hand and said, "Where are you from?" Hooray, we had a winner. I tossed an FQ to her, and everyone laughed. So the questions started coming, and everyone went home with an FQ. I think they enjoyed that! I know I did! But most importantly, everyone participated and there was lots of laughing and catching of FQs that were lobbed towards them!
I'm hoping that after the next meeting, everyone will be sitting and stitching so that I can do the same. But someone had to be the leader and get it started. I need to quit volunteering for things! LOL
\This weekend will be spent piddling around the house, after my dip & clip this morning, of course! Jane and I might head out to a quilt shop later today. Like both of us really need to do that! :)
~ The gift of gab that does come in handy sometimes. LOL
~ A productive week at work.
~ The nights cooling off nicely, making for an enjoyable doggy walk.
~ Judy's new book! The most exciting thing of all!
~ Friends!!


JudyL said...

Yes, you are supposed to be using your stash. We must discuss this concept! I think you're a great teacher and that's a great idea you have for the appique club.

Yvonne said...

I would have had a hard time walking away from those batiks too. At least they are going to a good cause. I wish I was close by....your applique club sounds like something I would really enjoy. I'll look forward to hearing your stories about it.

Mary said...

Well you get an *F* for not following directions and using stash but an *A+* in fabric selection. It's going to be a great string quilt!

The applique group sounds like a lot of work but fun!

Doodlebug Gail said...

What yummy looking fabrics - I'd have also had a hard time leaving them in the store.

Rabbit Stitchings said...

LOL I understand the where are you from question :O), I was raised in the mountains in Arkansas, yes a true Hillbilly, now after living in Texas for 20 plus years, apparenlty I have a hard to place accent LOL..., I don't really hear it but apparenlty everyone else does :O)...

Sounds like your applique group will be loads of fun! I know getting FQ's lobbed at them made everyone happy :O).....

QuiltMom said...

There is something about batik fabrics that calls to me too. Sometimes they are so beautiful to look at that it is hard to cut them up.I love how they have splashes of color. What a terrific idea to arrange the applique club. I am sure you will have lots of fun together.
Regards from a Western Canadian quilter,

Kim said...

Your applique club sounds pretty cool! I wish I lived closer! Good to hear you had a good week too--that always makes for a more relaxing weekend, don't you think?!

Susan said...

Love the batiks!

What's the name of the shop? Because next time I'm in CA, I'm going to make sure we're there on those Thursdays! Oh, may we come for just one night? It sounds like fun! I loved Applique Lovers Club at Quilted Apple, when Laurene was alive.

Patti said...

Sounds like you did a wonderful job getting this new group going - good for you! I bet you'll have lots of fun being the leader of an eager group of appliquers (is that a word)?