Sunday, October 14, 2007

Binding and Applique

The binding is machined on the giterdun. Now just to get it hand sewn on the back, and it's outta here! It's going to take forever!
I did a lot of applique this weekend, but nothing I can show yet. I did work on Piece & Plenty, and also a little bit on Strawberry Hill. I'll be prepping the next All Things Christmas block this week, as well as a pumpkin block.
It is so beautiful here. I just turned the A/C on just to cool it down a tad. Didn't get much done on the house cleaning front, but it was more important at this point to get the machined part of that binding done, and also to just relax after a long and stressful week. I went over to the quilt shop this afternoon so I could use their tables to support the quilt while sewing on the binding, and had a chance to visit with one or two ladies I haven't seen for a while, so that was fun.
And flight reservations are made for Alex's retreat next month! I'm so excited to get to see Mar and Deb and Cheryl and Holly and Carol and Sylvia and all of my other friends. Jane and I will be flying out on 11/8 and home on 11/11. I can't wait to see all the new applique patterns that will be out then. In Between Stitches and Thimblecreek, here we come!
~ Chatting with Mar today
~ Cantaloupe. Daisy gets nibbles and she loves it!
~ Giggles and laughter with Jane. She cracks me up!
~ Falling leaves


mar said...

Your mantle looks beautiful!! I can't wait to see you and Jane!!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Your mantle really is pretty. You and Jane are gonna have a great time on your trip. Just behave yourself!!

Kim said...

Love your decorations, particularly the wreath! Congrats on getting that far on the gitterdun! It'll be "dun" in no time!

Anonymous said...

How lucky you get to go to that retreat next month, I'm jealous. And that's great that you're almost "dun" with the giterdun. Are you keeping it or is it being gifted?

Kairle said...

Glad to see you got around to your fall decorating! Your fireplace mantle looks very festive.

I'm in the process of binding a quilt myself. Gotta gitterdun before my DD comes home for fall break this weekend. It's a surprise so I have to wait till I give it to her cause she sometimes reads my blog to catch up on what's happening at home.