Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Will Be Fall Decorating Soon

I've been digging things out and collecting little pumpkins. So this weekend I plan to get some fall decorations up around the place. I bought the cutest wreath yesterday that has, you guessed it, pumpkins on it. Might put it over the mantle. I'm getting in the mood for fall. And judging from the amount of leaves on my patio, it's very near! I'll get some 'after' pictures up this weekend.

I'm up to my eyeballs in alligators closing out the quarter and getting the reports done. One more day without the boss in town, so I hope to get a huge portion of it finished up tomorrow. My shoulder is really aching. I've been on the calculator too much today.

Kimberly at The Fat Quarter Shop has another new BOM up called Raspberry Truffle. I really wish she'd just stop it! LOL! This one uses Judie Rothermel Civil War fabrics in yummy pinks and browns. http://tinyurl.com/yonsab Is it just me, or are quilts even more tempting when they have a food name? (sigh) I'm deciding whether to poke the button or not....... of course, I know I will. It just makes me feel better when I pretend to ponder it a bit! :)

I know I'm supposed to be busting stash, and I've done a fair amount of that this year. But I had a couple of years of obligation quilts and helping out friends with things, so it feels really good to work on whatever I want! I've almost finished the first applique block of the Piece and Plenty BOM. I have fallen totally in love with Moda's Madreira line of fabric, so that makes working on the block such a joy. I'm waiting for the next block of All Things Christmas to arrive, and I'm going to prep another pumpkin block this week. I think I've got another BOM 'fixing' to start -- I need to start writing all these things down! LOL

I'm really jealous because Jane is going to market! But it's probably a good thing I don't get to go. Heck, I'd be like a kid in a candy store! (There we go with that food thing again!) I keep watching for teasers about new fabrics and patterns. I just love oohing and aahing over the new stuff when it hits the stores and online shops. This one has me just drooling all over my keyboard ... http://tinyurl.com/2zo597 My all-time favorite colors! (another big sigh)

The car is doing great. I'm getting used to driving it, and it doesn't feel quite so gigantic to me now. But I sure wish I had my camera with me when Jane and I went to a quilt shop this weekend. I put that one teeny tiny bag in the back of that BIG vehicle, and it looked so pitiful back there! ROFLOL. That's a LOT of space to fill up with quilt shop bags!!


~ Cooler weather
~ Pumpkins
~ Autumn scented candles
~ Changing leaves
~ A surprisingly delightful skateboarder in the parking lot of the market tonight, and his sweet offer to help me with my basket.


mar said...

Vicky, stop it! LOL, I love that blue and red, yummy!!!

Kim said...

Wait! What? Hold the presses! You went to the grocery store?! Did you buy FOOD or just pumpkins? LMAO! Hey, are you trying to MEG me or something? Stop that right now, missy! Oh, and about that nearly empty potential quilt shop package area in your new car? Minimalism is "in" right now, okay? Or maybe it's feng shui. It's okay to NOT fill the car--the air bags will cushion you in case of an accident; you don't need bags of fabric!

Nan said...

I do love this time of year, partly because I have a thing for pumpkins, too!
Fat Quarter Shop is my favorite place to spend $$, and I do so quite regularly. The Raspberry Truffle is to die for, isn't it?
Love the fabrics of the Madeira line, too!
Glad you are enjoying your new beast.

Yvonne said...

I won't me MEGGED, oh no I won't...LOL Can't wait to see your decorations. :)

Darlene said...

Sorry, try as hard as you want - I will not be megged! No, I will not!


Red Geranium Cottage said...

Take pictures of your fall decorating. Love that new BOM at Kimberly's. Lucky Jane huh? Quilt market is soooo much fun. Doe and I are going to Houston for festival. I can't wait to do that.
Glad your liking your car. Where's the picture of it??

Carol said...

That new Minnick and Simpson line is AWESOME! You have me drooling too...must find something wonderful to do with it...glad we have a while before it arrives in the shops.

KathySWFL said...

You know Vicky I hadn't been to Kimberly's in little while....gosh now I am gonna have to really use some restraint on the credit card!


Kairle said...

I hope you get your fall decorating done this weekend. I think I'm finally done. Now if I can just keep the family out of the decorative candy...at least until Halloween is over!

Patti said...

Oh dear - some of my favorite colors too - I LOVE that fabric! And in March I'll be retired so I really won't have any money to spend on fabric!